Flight School Loss of License

CCW Global is able to provide comprehensive Pilot’s loss of license options to aviation students and aviation instructors.

In training to become a pilot you run the same risks as individuals already qualified to fly with regards to your certifications. Having your medical certificate withdrawn because you’ve suffered an accident or illness that renders you unable to fly would be a catastrophe.

With the costs of flight school easily exceeding US$ 80,000, being unable to fly (even while getting flight training) would mean significant losses. Trainee Aviator loss of license insurance ensures that you aren’t left with a total loss in a worst-case situation.

Similar to individual commercial pilots, Flight Instructors and Aviation Trainers rely on flight school for their source of income. Being de-certified and having their flight status revoked would mean the loss of their livelihood. Instructors and trainers are also able to receive comprehensive loss of license cover under CCW’s Pilot Loss of License insurance products.

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Flight School Insurance Eligibility

Individuals currently training at a flight school working towards receiving an Airline Transport License (ATPL), as well as pilots instructing at flight schools are eligible to receive Flight School Loss of License insurance in Hong Kong.

CCW Global is also able to provide Group Loss of License options to airlines or flight schools wishing to look at group products for their members.


Free Flight School Loss of License Quotes

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