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While the general public may think of all aviators simply as “pilots” there are differences between the different types of pilots and the risks they face every day. For many industries and types of employment, should a person find themselves unable to work they are able to rely on income protection insurance.

For pilots, it’s not quite that simple. As a pilot you are active in a high-risk industry; subject to myriad stresses and concerns not shared by the rest of the population. Your job depends on your being mentally competent and in perfect health.

Pilots in Hong Kong have traditionally been accustomed to getting traditional income protection policies as part of their protection, but these ordinary protection products often don’t fit the unique requirements of pilots, ultimately providing them with less comprehensive cover with more stringent claim triggers on the policies. This therefore necessitates the need for a higher level of cover for pilots through a bespoke product, pilot loss of license insurance.

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Loss of License Pilot Categories

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Commercial Pilots

Commercial Pilot Loss of License insurance has been specifically designed to meet the needs of any commercial pilot. Whether you are flying for a cargo company, a private charter, or a major commercial airline, Commercial Pilots Loss of License Insurance is the perfect solution for you.

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Pilots Unions and Airline Loss of License Protection

Hong Kong Pilots Loss of License plans offered by CCW Global can be tailored to meet the needs of large groups, with a single policy able to cover all the pilots at an individual organization. With streamlined administration, a group Pilots Loss of License policy can be a very attractive employee benefits offering when hiring new pilots.

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Student Pilots and Aviation Instructors

Becoming a pilot takes time and effort, and students are not free from the risk of having their license suspended. Neither are their teachers and instructors. Pilots Loss of License insurance for Student Pilots and Aviation Instructors in Hong Kong is designed to meet the needs of those involved in the educational aspects of flying.

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