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Coming up against medical and psychological issues which involved alcohol and drugs is a serious problem for many aviators. Stress management can lead to disorders which may leave a pilot disqualified from flying.

Alcoholism and Drug addiction are diseases which require an individual to obtain help in their recovery, and that recovery cannot happen if an individual is hiding their disease.

CCW Global offers Pilot’s Loss of License insurance plans which cover pilots for license and certificate disqualifications due to conditions and illnesses involving drugs and alcohol.

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Drug and Alcohol Benefits on Pilot’s Loss of License Insurance

Should you opt to obtain a Pilot’s Loss of License Insurance policy which includes coverage for Drug and Alcohol related illnesses and conditions then the plan will provide you with a financial benefit should you permanently or temporarily lose your relevant aviation license, qualification, or certificate because of conditions caused by either Alcohol or Drugs.

It is important to note that the financial benefit provided by a Pilot’s Loss of License insurance plan with respect to Drug and Alcohol coverage is significantly lower than with other types of illness or accident. Only a portion of the overall policy limit will normally be provided to the claimant should the loss of license involve drugs and/or alcohol.

Additionally, in many cases, the insurer many require a policyholder who has claimed under the Drug and Alcohol coverage benefit of a Pilot’s Loss of License insurance policy to complete a rehabilitation program (chosen by the insurer) in order to receive the financial benefit of this coverage. The costs of participation in any such rehabilitation program will normally be deducted from the overall settlement amount received by the claimant.


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