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CCW Global Insurance Brokers can provide comprehensive Collection and Art insurance plans to Hong Kong Residents. If you have a valuable art collection, or if you have been accumulating a range of unique collectables – including Stamps, Coins, Musical instruments, Vintage Cars, Rare Wines, and a range of other items – then you may wish to ensure that you are able to properly protect your collection against any potential risk.

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Build Your Art Insurance Coverage

CCW Global can help you by providing some of the best Art and Collection insurance policies available in Hong Kong, which in turn will ensure that your collection is comprehensively covered against a diverse range of risks.

At CCW we understand that a “one size fits all” insurance plan may not fulfil the coverage requirements of individuals seeking the best protection possible for their works of art or personal collections. As such we offer a diverse range of Collection and Art insurance options which can be customized to suit the specific needs of the policyholder.

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Art and Collections Insurance Plans

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Private Collection Insurance in Hong Kong

The Private Collections Insurance Policy available from CCW Global is designed for individual customers who have created personal art collections requiring specialist coverage on a global basis.

The Hong Kong Private Collections Insurance plan is able to offer comprehensive protection for Art and Collections on an All Risks basis around the world; ensuring that your personal collection is protected against risks like accidental damage, temporary removals, and defective titles and depreciation. Furthermore, the HK Private Collections Insurance policy offers automatic 60-da coverage for newly acquired items within the collection, and will even cover a necessary emergency evacuation of the collection if required!

The most basic option for individuals wishing to fully insure their valuable artwork and personal collections, the Private Collections Insurance policy in Hong Kong is a simple choice to ensure that your collection is properly protected.

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Home Plus Art; High Value Art Insurance in Hong Kong

The Home Plus Art; High Net Worth Art Insurance plan from CCW is a high value home insurance policy which includes comprehensive coverage for fine art and personal collections.

The specialist Home Plus Art insurance plan in Hong Kong is specifically designed to reflect the needs of policyholders who may have extensive collections in multiple homes around the world, and ensures that both general contents and personal belongings are fully covered under a single easy-to-use insurance policy. No longer do you have to cover your collections under a generic Hong Kong Home Insurance Plan, which may not reflect the unique nature of your collection, and can make certain that no matter where your valuable items are physically located they will have the full and comprehensive protection which you require.

All of a policyholder’s properties can be covered under this bespoke insurance policy, and the Home Plus Art; High Net Worth Art insurance plan also offers worldwide protection; assuring you of the highest standards of coverage no matter where your collection may go.

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Hong Kong Corporate Collection Art Insurance

If your company boasts an outstanding corporate art collection then you may wish to consider obtaining a Corporate Collection Art Insurance Policy in Hong Kong.

The reason for this is due to the fact that, in many cases, the art which forms a corporate collection is not specifically protected – instead, many companies insure their corporate artworks through a general office or commercial insurance plan. If this is the case, any loss or damage to the artwork may not be fully covered by the generic office policy resulting in a potentially large loss to the organization, depending on the value of the work in question.

Corporate Collection Insurance plans from CCW Global will provide coverage on an all risks basis, ensuring that your company is fully protected against any damage or theft events. Additionally, CCW can offer extensive advice from leading art experts in relation to the care, value, and security of your corporate works of art.

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Museum, Gallery, and Exhibition Art Insurance Plans

From Galleries and Showrooms to Museums and Art Exhibitions, CCW Global can offer unique and bespoke tailored coverage solutions that fully understand the needs of specialist organizations.

Art Gallery, Museum, and Exhibition insurance plans from CCW can provide coverage for stock while it is located on the policyholder’s premises or when it is temporarily removed and is being exhibited – at an exhibition, museum, or fair. We can also offer Wall-to-Wall coverage for works of art in transit on an All Risks basis; meaning that if you own an art gallery, or if you are a museum, and are sending your works of art out for an exhibit, CCW can provide comprehensive protection against all the risks faced by your artwork while it is being relocated.

Furthermore, we can offer Art Insurance solutions which are designed for single events, such as a gallery opening or specialist exhibition at a museum, and can provide tailored solutions specifically designed to cover the risks involved in that unique situation.

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Free Art Insurance Quotes in Hong Kong

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