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Navigating through the endless options available for home insurance coverage can be a challenge, as is knowing which type of policy you should be purchasing.

Whether you are looking for full Home Contents protection, are trying to cover a single high-value item against loss or theft globally, or even if you want to insure the physical structure of your property against fires, flooding, or other natural disasters, CCW Global can help you to find the best policies available.

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Obtaining a Home or Fire Insurance Quote

In the event that you would like to receive a quotation for Home Content Insurance or Fire Insurance Coverage simply complete any of the forms on this website and select Home Insurance from the appropriate menu.

Once you have submitted your request for a quotation our expert Home Insurance and Fire Insurance brokers will normally contact you immediately for further information about the coverage you require. In some instances you may be asked to provide further details about the size, or value, of your property or possessions, while in others you may be asked to confirm whether you have selected the appropriate type of coverage, such as Fire Insurance when you are looking to cover a specific piece of personal property like an engagement ring.

Once we have confirmed all the relevant details about your property or household items we will contact all of the insurance companies we work with to identify the best possible quotations for your coverage. After we have received the quotations from the insurers our Home Insurance Brokers will then contact you again to go through your coverage options, helping you to assess the options against your exact requirements.

Home Insurance and Fire Insurance quotations in Hong Kong will normally be priced dependent on a range of variables which will change with each individual requesting coverage.


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Compare Quotes and Purchase Coverage Quickly

At CCW we understand that you want to obtain your Home Insurance or Fire Insurance coverage as quickly as possible. While we don’t offer online purchasing of these products on our website, we will usually contact you within 1 hour of receiving your quotation request during our business hours.

Depending on the complexity of your quotation request it may take between 1 hour to 1 day to receive quotations from the various insurance companies and assess their quality against market benchmarks, but in most cases CCW is able to process your quotation request and confirm your home insurance coverage on the day you request a premium quote.

This is done to ensure that the coverage being provided by our company is of the highest standard possible. While it may be easier to provide online purchasing for Home and Fire Insurance, doing so would mean that there may be some issues with regards to the suitability of the coverage which you are looking to obtain. 

Consequently, CCW works by ensuring that the policy you are choosing is always the best one for you and we are still able to get you the coverage you need the day you need it.


Free Home Insurance and Fire Insurance Quotes

If you would like to receive a free quotation for a Home Insurance or a Fire Insurance plan from CCW, simply complete the short form on this page. 

You may also Contact Us to speak directly with an expert insurance advisor. 

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