Business Insurance Packages

CCW Global is able to provide comprehensive business insurance packages to companies operating in Hong Kong.

Providing a greater range of coverage than a single type of business insurance policy offering, for example, Employee Compensation or Product Liability protection, a Hong Kong business insurance package will offer a range of extended coverage benefits under the umbrella of a single, simple to use plan.

Normally including coverage for Employees’ Compensation and Public Liability insurance, a Hong Kong Business Insurance package can often provide comprehensive protection for:

Road crossing


Business Insurance Package Cover

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Business Interruption Insurance

Should your company suffer a disaster which forces the business to close, or temporarily halt operations, a Hong Kong Business Interruption Insurance policy will cover the loss of income to the company while you are unable to continue your routine business activities.

Coverage under a Business Interruption Insurance plan in Hong Kong include benefits such as Profit reimbursement (normally based on your previous month’s income statements), reimbursement of Fixed Operating Costs while operations are ceased, and even coverage for obtaining temporary premises which can be used by the business to continue operations.

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Business Cash in Transit Hong Kong Insurance

A Cash-In-Transit Insurance policy in Hong Kong will provide an indemnity against the loss of money which is in transit from one location to another whilst being carried by an authorized messenger or courier.

Typically obtained by Banks, Jewellers, and even industrial organization routinely transferring large sums of money between locations, a Cash-In-Transit insurance policy will reimburse you against the loss of your funds after a robbery or vehicle accident where the money is lost.

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Business Contents and Theft Insurance

Business Contents Insurance, also known as Office Contents Insurance, protects your business against the loss or theft of vital equipment including Computers, Scanners, Furniture and Documents.

Providing reimbursement coverage against a range of allied perils including Fire, Water Damage and even Theft, it is possible to provide protection to a business’s vital equipment even outside of the primary business location. This gives you the assurance that, even if your employee loses a laptop while on a business trip overseas, you will be able to replace the lost item and keep productivity at a maximum.



Free Business Insurance Package Quotations

If you would like to receive a free quote for a range of Business Insurance packages in Hong Kong, simply complete the short form found here. Once you have completed your quotation request and expert Hong Kong insurance broker will contact you with an extensive comparison of the options best suited to meet your needs.

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