Life Insurance Settlements

CCW Global works with Hong Kong life insurance plans which can provide a wide range of settlements to beneficiaries.

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Types of Life Insurance Settlements

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Lump Sum Settlements

If a Hong Kong life insurance plan provides a lump sum settlement then it will provide a single payment to provide the death benefit and complete the insurance contract.

Lum sum

Interest Option Settlement

If an interest option settlement is chose then the insurance company retains the death benefit and provide interest payments to the beneficiary annually or at agreed intervals.

Interest rate

Fixed Period Option Settlement

A Fixed Period Option settlement is essentially the same as purchasing an annuity certain product with the final policy death settlement. Under a fixed period settlement options fixed payments are distributed over a pre-determined amount of time.

Fixed period

A Fixed Amount Settlement Option

Very similar to a Fixed Period Option, an Fixed Amount Option will see the policy benefits paid out at a fixed rate for as long as the money lasts.

Fixed cost

Life Income Option Settlement

A life income option settlement will see the policy benefit paid in agreed instalments for the lifetime of the beneficiary. This is very similar to a Life Annuity product.



Free Life Insurance Quotes in Hong Kong

If you would like to look at your options for life insurance coverage in Hong Kong, or if you would like to receive a comprehensive comparison of the life insurance plans best suited to meet your coverage requirements, please complete the short form located here. 


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