Newborn Child Health Insurance

When having a child parents will likely want to ensure that their baby has the best possible start to life, which will normally include as much protection as they can give the infant. CCW Global Insurance Brokers can provide Hong Kong health insurance plans which offer comprehensive New Born Child coverage benefits; ensuring that your baby has the high-quality medical protection it needs as soon as it is born.

A New Born Child coverage benefit under a Hong Kong medical insurance plan will ensure that your child has access to the best healthcare options possible as soon as they are born. This can mean a high degree of security in the event that the baby suffers from a congenital birth defect or other serious medical condition at birth.

It is a sad truth that neonatal intensive care treatments and facilities can be highly expensive, and will come in addition to the cost of the actual delivery of the child. In that situation the last thing any parent needs to be worried about is whether or not they will be able to afford the cost of their child’s medical treatments.

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Hong Kong New Born Child Insurance Coverage

As stated above, a Hong Kong health insurance plan which includes New Born Child coverage will protect you against the costs associated with your child’s healthcare and medical treatment as soon as they are born.

However, this is just a single aspect of a new born child coverage benefit under a medical insurance policy in Hong Kong. Because CCW is able to provide a range of Hong Kong and Global health insurance options which are often guaranteed renewable for life obtaining a newborn child coverage benefit for your baby will mean that the child has access to comprehensive insurance protection for the rest of their life – no matter what the state of their health may be at birth.

Consequently, purchasing a new born child coverage benefit with you Hong Kong health insurance plan can mean that your infant never has to worry about one of the most concerning aspects of a medical insurance policy, Pre-Existing Medical Conditions. Because the child can receive coverage as soon as they are born, medical conditions will not have developed prior to the purchase of a policy – ensuring that, even if your infant suffers from a serious medical condition such as Downs Syndrome or Autism, they will always have the coverage they require.

Coverage under a New Born Child insurance benefit will normally include:

• Instant Protection with No Waiting Periods
• Coverage for Congenital Birth Defects
• Coverage for Premature Birth
• No Pre-existing conditions
• Life Long Policy Renewals

It is important to note that, because CCW Global is able to provide Hong Kong health insurance plans from a number of leading international health insurance companies, the exact coverage which you receive under your newborn child insurance benefit will depend to a large degree on which plan and provider you elect to purchase.


Newborn Child Insurance Benefits

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New Born Child Free Insurance Benefit

A common way of providing new born child coverage under a Hong Kong health insurance plan, a Free Insurance Benefit for the infant will provide healthcare and medical treatment coverage up to a pre-determined time or financial limit. The coverage for treatment and medication during the free benefit period will not cost you any additional money – this coverage is provided free of charge under your HK health insurance plan should it include a Free Benefit for the new born.

This can be a major positive for parents who know that there is no risk of their benefit having a serious medical problem at birth. However, it is important to understand that once the benefit period has been reached (in either the time or financial sense) a new application must be submitted to the insurance company in order to receive continuing health insurance coverage for the infant.

This new application will normally be medically underwritten as with all other applications, and can mean that in the event of the infant suffering a serious medical condition, the condition may be excluded from any continuing coverage as a Pre-Existing Condition. Additionally, while the Free Benefit period will not cost the parents any money, the new application for coverage will incur a premium charge which must be paid for the policy, and cover, to remain in force.

Child Born into Plan Insurance Benefit

The second major way in which new born child insurance is offered is by having your infant Born into an Existing plan.

Simply put, under this variant of New Born Child insurance your infant will be born into the Hong Kong health insurance policy already held by one (or both) of its parents. Simply notify the insurance company after the birth and the child will be added onto the plan.

While having your infant born into your Hong Kong medical insurance policy will mean that you have to pay a premium (or fee) for the child’s coverage, the major upside of this variant of New Born Child coverage is that there is no medical underwriting. The child will not need to submit an application to the insurance company and consequently will not have to deal with the issue of pre-existing medical conditions.

Having your infant born into an existing plan is the perfect way to ensure that the baby is able to receive comprehensive Hong Kong health insurance protection for the rest of their life, no matter what the state of their health at birth.


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