CCW Global is able to provide an extensive range of options for Motor Vehicle and Car Insurance coverage in Hong Kong.

Under the law of Hong Kong you must hold a valid insurance policy for your vehicle in order to license it for driving on public roads. There are a range of options with regards to car insurance coverage in Hong Kong, with choices including basic Third-Party Only protection through to Comprehensive Coverage protecting acts of theft, and even fires.

Private motor vehicle insurance in Hong Kong is taken for a specific vehicle, with only one vehicle covered per policy, and the policyholder must be the registered owner of the vehicle. If the car belongs to a company then the Hong Kong car insurance policy must be held in the company’s name. If the registration is in a personal name most insurers will require the policyholder to be a Named Driver on the policy, subject to their approval, although some car insurance companies do not require this.

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Insurance Coverage

Types of Car Insurance Coverage in Hong Kong

When purchasing Car Insurance coverage in Hong Kong you actually have a number of options as to what type of policy you would like to obtain. Common forms of car insurance protection available through CCW include:

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Each of these Hong Kong motor-vehicle insurance plans will provide differing levels of protection to both you and your vehicle. While you only have to purchase basic Third-Party car insurance protection under HKSAR law, depending on the value of your vehicle and the levels of protection you would like to receive, it may be worth considering a policy which offers you more protection.

The full range of car insurance policies offered by CCW to Hong Kong drivers can be found by clicking Hong Kong Car Insurance Plans.


Car Insurance Claims in Hong Kong

Making a claim on your Car Insurance policy with CCW Global is as simple as possible. Our expert Claims Advisors can help you to get your claim submitted and approved with no fuss.

Additionally, we are able to provide extensive support on which garages you should use for fixing your vehicle, what to do when you’ve had an accident and how a claim may affect your Car Insurance premium.

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Further reading

Hong Kong Car Insurance Information

Insurance can be a complicated subject if you are not an industry professional, and Car Insurance in Hong Kong is no different.

What is No Claims Discount? How Does an Unnamed Driver Work? What is a Parking Deductible?

To help you better understand your car insurance policy, how it works, and definitions of key terms included in your policy documents, CCW has provided an extensive Car Insurance Information section on this website.

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Free Hong Kong Car Insurance Quotes

If you would like to receive a free quote for a Car or Motorbike insurance policy in Hong Kong, simply complete the short form at the top of this page. One of our expert Car Insurance Brokers will contact you directly with a range of options for your coverage.

Alternatively, you can also request a free car insurance quote from CCW Global which compares a range of options by contacting us today!

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