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Tooth ache can be extremely painful. Whether it is a dull throbbing pain or a sharp jabbing one, when your jaw and teeth are sore there isn’t much you can do about it except go to the dentist; and that’s not everyone’s idea of a good time. This isn’t helped by the fact that going to the dentist and orthodontist can be highly expensive, often costing up to HK$ 1,000 just to walk in the door!

CCW Global Insurance Brokers can provide comprehensive Hong Kong health insurance plans which include wide-ranging dental coverage benefits, ensuring that you are protected against the costs of dental treatment anywhere in the world.

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Hong Kong Dental Insurance Coverage

Dental health insurance coverage is not available on all Hong Kong medical insurance plans, and in the event that a policy does offer dental protection it will usually be in addition to a plan’s Inpatient coverage benefit. This means that in order to obtain a dental coverage benefit under a Hong Kong health insurance plan you will usually have to have inpatient coverage first.

Dental Insurance plans in Hong Kong offered by CCW Global will usually include protection for:

• Costs of Root Canal Treatment
• Costs of Bridgework
• Costs of Prosthetic Dental Devices, such as Dentures
• Costs of Emergency Dental Treatment for Pain relief
• Costs of Wisdom Teeth Extraction
• Costs of Apicectomy
• Costs of Routine Dental Treatment and Examinations
• Cleaning and Polishing
• Costs of Tooth Extractions
• Costs of Fillings
• Costs of Crowns and Inlays

When you require dental work the last thing you need to worry about is whether or not you will be able to afford your treatment. Needing your wisdom teeth removed is bad enough with the extreme pain you’re likely to be suffering (not to mention the misery of the recovery period) without having to fret over the final Dentist’s Bill.

A quality Hong Kong Dental Insurance policy from CCW will ensure that your teeth will always have the care they need.

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Dental Coverage Benefit Waiting Periods

It is important to understand that dental coverage benefits on almost all Hong Kong health insurance plans will be attached to a waiting period. In fact, it is extremely rare to find a dental insurance policy which does not include a waiting period.

A waiting period is the length of time you must have held a policy before you are able to claim for a specific coverage benefit. Dental treatment received prior to the completion of the waiting period cannot be claimed for under the plan, only treatment received after the expiry of the waiting period can be covered by the policy.

The reason that dental coverage is attached to a waiting period is due to the fact that almost all adults will have some form of pre-existing dental condition, whether that be a wisdom tooth issue or excessive plaque build-up. As such a waiting period is added to the policy.

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Free Dental Insurance Quotes in Hong Kong

To receive a free quotation comparing a range of leading dental health insurance options under a Hong Kong medical insurance plan simply complete this short form. One of our expert insurance brokers will then contact you directly with your personalized comparison overview.

If you have any questions about any Dental Insurance products, or would like to learn more about our Health Insurance Quotes, please Contact Us to speak to an advisor directly. 

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