Trade Credit Insurance

In many instances of international commerce, credit may be offered to a buyer by a vendor in lieu of cash-on-delivery or pre-payment for the goods or services being provided. This allows the buyer some time to generate the required funds to pay for the goods or services they are purchasing, and can actually mean a higher profit for the vendor under some situations. However, this scenario does mean that the vendor will be taking the risk of having the buyer renege on the agreed payment for the products or services in question.

Trade Credit Insurance, otherwise known as Business Credit Insurance, Export Credit Insurance, or simply Credit Insurance, is a form of Hong Kong Business Insurance plan which has been designed to protect companies against financial losses stemming from non-payment with regards to a buyer of the company’s products or services.

CCW Global can offer a number of Trade Credit Insurance options to businesses in Hong Kong, ensuring that your company is protected in the event that a buyer does not fulfil their obligation to pay for the goods and services provided by the organization.

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Trade Credit Insurance Coverage

Hong Kong Trade Credit Insurance plans from CCW Global will provide an extensive range of coverage against the risks of business credit offerings and will protect your business against losses stemming from unpaid receivables which have been caused by either pure commercial risks, or commercial and political risks combined.

Coverage under Trade Credit Insurance plans from CCW in Hong Kong will provide annual protection, with a single policy lasting for 12 months in duration; after which it may be renewed. Coverage provided by the policy during this time can include:

  • Indemnity against losses from unpaid goods or services (receivables)
  • Protection of the company’s balance sheet and cash flow
  • Enhanced credit management via improved credit controls
  • Coverage on domestic and export buyers or clients with customizable options available
  • Analysis of client and buyer solvency
  • Support for Risk Assumption and Commercial Credit management
  • Outsourcing assistance for debt recovery
  • Facilitation of additional credit within the financial market

Coverage under a Hong Kong Trade Credit Insurance plan from CCW Global is available in most countries around the world; except in those that may be closed or suspended, such as Afghanistan, Iran, and North Korea.

The total value of the risk to be insured will be dependent on the risk of a specific country and is covered up to a maximum of 90 per cent of the value of the items, goods, or services.


Free Trade Credit Insurance Quotes

If you would like to receive a free quote for a Trade Credit Insurance policy in Hong Kong, simply complete the short form found here. Once you have completed your quotation request an expert Hong Kong Business Insurance broker will contact you to further discuss your coverage requirements.

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