Whole of Life Insurance

Whole of Life Insurance, also known as Permanent Life Insurance, Cash Value Insurance, or Whole of Life Assurance, is a type of Hong Kong Life Insurance plan which remains in force for the insured’s entire life.

Generally a good option if you expect to have the same need for life insurance over a period of time, Whole of Life Insurance will normally build up a cash value (either through interest or investments) which can be taken back by the policyholder when the plan reaches maturity, providing a simple method of long-term estate planning. In addition to this a Whole of Life Insurance policy in Hong Kong will normally provide a death benefit of 101 per cent of the plan’s overall value in the event of the insured individual’s death.

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Whole of Life Premiums in Hong Kong

When applying for a Whole of Life Insurance plan in Hong Kong you will normally have the ability to select the frequency and level of premium payments made for the policy.

For example, it is possible to choose premium payments of between HK$ 40,000 to HK$ 300,000 with outlays being made in a single payment, or over the course of many years. If you choose to pay for the policy over the course of many years the premium levels will normally remain consistent for the duration of that time.

The premium to be paid under a Hong Kong Whole of Life insurance plan will normally be dependent on the total Sum Assured covered by the policy; which will, in turn, be based on your average salary earnings. As such it is normally not possible to obtain life insurance coverage for a greater amount that your average salary.


Free Hong Kong Life Insurance Quotes

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