Specialist Insurance Quotes

CCW Global is able to offer customers in Hong Kong quotations and comparisons for a range of specialist insurance products. 

These policies are typically tailored to specific types of risk. 



Plans Overview

Above Specialist Insurance providers are able to offer quotes for an extensive range of specialist insurance products in Hong Kong including plans for the followings.

Quotation Process

Specialist Insurance Quotation Process

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Requesting a Specialist Insurance Quote

In order to start the quotation process, as mentioned above, you must complete the short form at the top of any of the pages on this website. Once you have selected Specialist Insurance from the coverage options menu you will then be taken to a form which will ask you to input additional details about the insurance plan which you require.

At this page you will be asked which type of specialist insurance product you are looking to obtain, and will be requested to provide additional details about the coverage required.

For example, if you were interested in Art and Collection Insurance you will be asked about:

  1. The approximate value of the art collection
  2. The location of the collection
  3. The type of artworks within the collection

Alternatively, if you were interested in Event Insurance you would be asked about:

  1. The type of event which will be hosted
  2. The location of the event
  3. The length of the event
  4. Number of expected attendees

At this stage you will also be asked whether there are any special conditions you have with regards to the coverage. For instance, you might request that the quotation provided to you for your Art Insurance policy include no options from American or French headquarters insurance companies. Or you may request a single policy to cover all of your collections in multiple properties around the world.

The more information which you provide at this stage will enable CCW’s Specialist Insurance brokers to find more specific coverage options for your insurance needs.


Receiving a Specialist Insurance Quote

Once you have submitted your quotation request for any of the specialist insurance products available from CCW Global in Hong Kong, our expert brokers will contact the specialist insurance companies we work with to collate an extensive comparison table outlining all the available options which best suit your specific coverage requirements.

Depending on the complexity of your coverage request the specialist insurance quotation comparison which we are able to provide may be available as soon as 1 hour after we receive your quotation request. However, due to the fact that these type of insurance plans can normally be extremely complicated it is usually a case of 1-2 working days before we are able to produce a detailed comparison of all the best options.

Once the quotation comparison is available a CCW advisor will contact you with the details of your options, and will work with you to determine which plan is the best fit for your individual coverage requirements.

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Selecting the Specialist Insurance Cover

When all of the quotations for your coverage request have been received and once a CCW insurance advisor has contacted you with a detailed comparison of all the available options, we will then work with you to help select the ideal plan.

This process is very much a conversation between CCW Global and you, the customer. At all times your needs will be at the forefront of all our recommendations, and if you are not satisfied with any of the options which we have provided we will work to ensure that there are coverage options which fit with your requirements.

At this stage a CCW advisor will walk you through each of the policies we have recommended, and if any changes are required we will liaise directly with the insurance company to ensure that these are processed in a speedy and efficient manner.

If you decide that one of the options we have provided is suitable for your needs, then we will help you to complete all the relevant paper work and work to expedite the application with the insurance company.

At no point during this process will you be rushed to make a decision nor will you be forced to consider a single insurance plan above any alternative.

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Free Specialist Insurance Quotes in Hong Kong

If you would like to receive a free specialist insurance quote in Hong Kong, simply complete the short form on this page. Once you have completed the quote request an expert CCW insurance broker will contact you to further discuss your coverage needs.

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