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Specialist Insurance in Hong Kong

CCW Global Insurance Brokers offers a wide range of specialty insurance plans to Hong Kong residents.

Specialty Insurance plans we work with are designed to cover a unique set of risks which are not normally protected via every-day Hong Kong insurance plans.

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Types of Specialist Insurance

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Art and Collection Insurance in Hong Kong

A major component of the specialty insurance products offered by CCW Global are the extensive array of options we are able to provide to individuals and companies who wish to protect their personal collections.

Covering high-value items and objects, the Art and Collection insurance plans from CCW will provide comprehensive protection for Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures, Musical Instruments, Stamps, Coins, Furniture, Vintage Cars, Rare Wines, Books, and any other items which you have collected and curated. Whether you have cultivated a collection of rare medieval books, or if you possess the largest assembly of original film and movie memorabilia (like the original mask worn by Darth Vader!), CCW can provide the perfect insurance solutions for your valued treasures.

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Hong Kong Yacht Insurance

The Hong Kong insurance experts at CCW Global specialize in providing comprehensive marine insurance protection to private pleasure craft and yachts.

Offering complete coverage for your boat in Hong Kong, the Yacht Insurance policies from CCW will ensure that you are protected against the full range of risks your craft will face on the seas around HKSAR. With options available for captains who plan on sailing throughout the South East Asian region, through to bespoke policies which include Employee Compensation insurance for your crew, CCW is the leading Yacht Insurance broker in Hong Kong.

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Kidnap and Ransom Insurance in Hong Kong

CCW is able to provide comprehensive coverage for Kidnap and Ransom insurance to residents and companies in Hong Kong. This type of plan will provide indemnification against a range of financial risks associated with acts of Kidnapping and/or Abduction, and should strongly be considered for purchase if you are planning to visit high-risks parts of the world including parts of South America, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe.

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Hong Kong Sport Insurance

Professional and Amateur Athletes in Hong Kong will often encounter a host of problems and roadblocks when looking for suitable insurance solutions. This is due to the fact that many Hong Kong insurance companies will simply exclude athletes from coverage.

CCW Global specializes in assisting sportsmen and women with obtaining high quality Accident, Disability, Medical, and Liability insurance plans – giving athletes the assurance that they have the extensive, and comprehensive protection which they need in the event of anything going wrong – either on the field or off of it.

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Hong Kong Event Insurance

If you are putting on an event in Hong Kong, including Corporate Functions, Weddings, Concerts, Animal Exhibitions or Professional Conferences, CCW Global can help you to obtain the comprehensive coverage you need. Including extensive Public Liability Insurance, Third Party Property Damage, and even Cancellation coverage which will protect you against your losses in the event that your function is cancelled, an Event Insurance policy in Hong Kong from CCW will ensure that you have the best insurance coverage possible on your upcoming function.

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Further Reading

CCW Global is committed to helping you understand your specialist insurance options in Hong Kong. From topics including why Wedding Insurance is needed during the summer months, through to investigating the best way to store your wine collection in a high-humidity environment, our Specialist Insurance articles in Hong Kong will give you all the insights and information you need to make an informed decision about your coverage options.



Free Specialist Insurance Quotes and comparisons

If you would like to learn more about either the Fine Art and Collection Insurance or the Yacht Insurance plans on offer in Hong Kong through CCW, or if you would like to receive a free quote from a Hong Kong insurance expert, please Contact Us today.

Additional details in relation to our Specialist Insurance quotation process can be found by Specialist Insurance Quotes in Hong Kong.

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