Psychological Cover

Flying is a high stress job, and unfortunately many pilots experience psychological issues; issues which could disqualify a pilot from flying on a medical basis. Hong Kong Pilot’s loss of license insurance products from CCW Global include coverage benefits which would protect your finances should you lose your license due to a disqualifying psychological issue.

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Psychological License Protection

Any psychological disorder, diagnosed by a qualified medical professional, listed in the DSM-IV which limits the policyholder’s daily activities, impairs their social functioning, causes significant cognitive impairment, or which causes disorders of mood, thought, or control leading to the medical disqualification of the policyholder’s license can be covered under a Pilot’s Loss of License policy.

Psychological coverage can occur either on a temporary or permanent basis, but upon formal diagnosis is covered as an admitted risk for loss of license.

Psychological coverage may not be available on all Pilot’s Loss of License insurance products offered in Hong Kong, please specify that you are interested in this policy benefit should you wish to compare your options.


Free Psychological Loss of License Insurance Quotes

If you are a pilot and would like to receive a free quote for a Pilot’s loss of license insurance policy which includes Psychological cover, please complete the short form located here. 

Alternatively, to learn more about the Psychological cover available on a Pilot’s loss of license insurance policy you can Contact Us and speak directly with an expert Hong Kong Insurance broker.

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