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Commercial Vehicle insurance is similar to Private Vehicle motor insurance in terms of the coverage provided – you can take Third party only cover for your legal liabilities, or you can take a fully Comprehensive policy to extend to cover loss of or damage to the vehicle – however the different policies cover the vehicle for different uses.

Private car insurance only covers the vehicle being used for social domestic and pleasure purposes and excludes use of the vehicle for commercial gain. Commercial Vehicle insurance will cover the vehicle specifically for commercial uses (and also for social domestic and pleasure purposes).

A vehicle used for commercial purposes must be registered as a Commercial Vehicle, and therefore the insurance policy required to cover the vehicle must be a Commercial Vehicle policy. Commercial Vehicle insurance can cover cars, trucks, and vans used in connection with the business, and may extend to cover trailer, tailgate and crane liability.

This type of cover is different to insurance for taxis and trade plate insurance, which are specialised policies. If you require more information on these types of policies please contact us to speak with an Advisor today.

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Commercial Coverage Options

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Third Party

Third Party Protection for a corporate vehicle in Hong Kong will cover you for your legal liabilities towards a third party in respect to bodily injuries, death, or property damage. Under Third Party Corporate Vehicle coverage you will receive the following protection:

  • Third Party Death or Bodily Injury: HK$ 100,000,000
  • Damage to Third Party Property: HK$ 1,000,000

Commercial Vehicle Corporate Fleet Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage Limits

Comprehensive coverage for a commercial vehicle in Hong Kong will protect the car against loss or damage, if such cover is chosen.

In the event that your corporate vehicle is lost, stolen, or damaged, then a Comprehensive Commercial Vehicle insurance policy will protect you up to the reasonable market value, or the policyholder’s estimated value, of the Motor Vehicle at the time of its loss or damage – whichever is the lesser amount.

Comprehensive Corporate Vehicle Insurance coverage only provides protection for accidental damage to the car, truck, or motorbike and theft of the vehicle. This type of insurance does not cover Mechanical or Electrical breakdowns or failures of the vehicle.

Comprehensive Coverage

Additional Information

Commercial Fleet Insurance Purchasing

Most Commercial Vehicle and Corporate Fleet Insurance policies are considered on a case-by-case basis with the insurance company. As such, CCW is unable to offer direct purchase of Commercial Vehicle and Corporate Fleet insurance coverage on this website.

Additionally, it is important to understand that the No Claims Discount (NCD) earned under a Commercial Vehicle of Corporate Fleet Insurance policy will be less than that earned with a policy covering a private car or pleasure vehicle.

Additional information

No Claims Discount

Commercial Vehicle No Claims Discount

No Claims Discount is a discount which you are able to receive on your Commercial Vehicle Policy premium in the event that you have not made a claim under your plan during the previous policy year.

Under a Commercial Vehicle Insurance policy a No Claims Discount is received in the following way:

Year 1: 10 per cent NCD to be applied to the following year’s premium

Year 2: 20 per cent NCD to be applied to the following year’s premium

Year 3+: 30 per cent NCD to be applied to the following year’s premium

The limit for a Commercial Vehicle No Claims Discount is 30 per cent of the total policy premium. This is slightly different from the NCD which is earned with a private car.


Free Commercial Vehicle Insurance Quotes

If you would like to receive a free quote for a commercial vehicle insurance policy, or would like to investigate the coverage options for your company’s car fleet, please complete the short form located here. One of our expert Hong Kong car insurance brokers will then contact you with your in-depth quotation comparison.

You may also Contact Us to arrange a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with our advisors at your convenience. 

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