Domestic Helper Insurance

Employers in Hong Kong are required by law to obtain Employee Compensation Insurance Coverage for their staff. This includes employers who have hired Maids or Domestic Helpers to assist in household activities.

CCW Global can offer high quality Hong Kong Maid Insurance plans which will provide comprehensive Employee Compensation coverage and can offer a range of extended benefits, including Hong Kong Health Insurance protection, under a single Domestic Helper insurance plan.

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Mandatory Helper Employees' Compensation Insurance

Employees Compensation Insurance coverage will form the basis of most Maid Insurance policies in Hong Kong. This type of coverage will protect you against your liability to your helper in the event that they are injured or suffer an accident during the normal course of their employment.

No matter what the actual job duties of your Maid may be, if you employ that individual in any capacity you must obtain Employee Compensation protection. In the event that your helper is injured while on the job, or if the helper develops an occupational illness, then an Employee Compensation benefit on a Domestic Helper Insurance policy can provide weekly payments in lieu of their regular wage.

Basically, if your Helper is injured and is unable to work, then an Employee Compensation benefit under the Maid Insurance plan will cover their lost wages ensuring that you do not have to pay these out-of-pocket. The Payments made under this benefit can also be used to cover any medical expenses the helper may have and, in the event of the employees death, may even provide a death benefit to your Maid’s dependants.


Age Caps for Maid Insurance in Hong Kong

One of the biggest obstacles of Maid Insurance Plans in Hong Kong is the inclusion of an age cap for the coverage. This means that there is usually a limit on the age of domestic helpers for new applications for coverage.

Typically, enrolment of Domestic Helpers on a Maid Insurance policy is only possible prior to the maid reaching age 60. However, CCW can provide options which will allow for new Maid Insurance applications where the helper is 64 years old.

If your helper is older than 64 then it is important to realize that the insurance company may charge an additional premium for the policy, due to the heightened risk of covering an older employee.

However, the above is only for Maid Insurance Plans which include extended benefits. No matter what the age of your domestic helper it is usually possible to obtain strict Employee Compensation Insurance Coverage even if they are over 64 years old.


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