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About Us

CCW Global is a bespoke insurance brokerage founded May 2012 in Hong Kong.

The company, originally known as Cooper Claridge-Ware, was incorporated by its two founders due to their shared desire to provide ever more innovative and flexible insurance products to individuals, families, and businesses around the Asia Pacific Region. As an independent brokerage, CCW draws on its employees many years of experience within both the Hong Kong and Global insurance markets to provide our customers with high quality coverage options.

CCW Global is operated by CCW Global Limited, regulated under the Insurance Authority, Insurance Broker Company Licence No.: FB1643

Why CCW?

Choosing CCW as your Hong Kong Insurance Broker

CCW Global will always work for the benefit of our customers and not for the interests of the insurance company.

Under Hong Kong law we are legally obligated to work for you, the client, and will only recommend HK insurance solutions which are in your interest. If you feel that a specific plan is not suitable, or if you would like to look at additional options for your coverage then CCW will work to make this happen.

When you choose to obtain your Hong Kong Insurance Coverage through our company, you are doing so secure in the knowledge that you will always receive unbiased and impartial advice on all the products we offer, and that you will never be pressured into buying a plan which you do not need.

For more information about the extensive services we offer to our clients please click the link below.

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Our Team

Meet the CCW Team

CCW Global’s highly experienced team has more than 50 years’ experience within the Hong Kong and International insurance markets.

Our history of providing the highest quality insurance plans to companies and individuals, both in Hong Kong and around the world, means that we understand the issues of insurance and can help to find you the best coverage possible.

From detailed technical know-how to extensive relationships with the world’s leading insurance providers ensures that you always receive the highest standards of service and protection, no matter what.

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Our Quotes

The CCW Quotation Process

When you choose to request a quotation for a Hong Kong insurance policy from CCW you will always receive advice and recommendations which are specifically customized for your unique requirements.

CCW Global will only ever give you unbiased input as to the ability of any policy to adequately protect you, your loved ones or your employees.

Whether you request a quote for Car Insurance, Medical Insurance, or even Life Insurance, our handcrafted quote comparisons will easily allow you to compare all the leading options for the specific product you are interested in. Each and every quote comparison we produce is unique to a single request, giving you the security that your quote is specific to your exact needs and has not been created for another customer’s requirements.

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CCW is constantly working on a number of innovative projects to help you find the insurance coverage you need. From new technological developments and changes on our website, through to recent employee hires, we want to keep you updated on everything which is happening at our company.

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Contact Us

Free Hong Kong Insurance Quotes and Comparisons

If you would like to receive a free quote for Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, or any of the other product lines we offer in Hong Kong, simply complete the short form on this page. One of our expert HK Insurance Brokers will then contact you with a detailed comparison of all the leading plans best suited to meet your exact needs.

You can also Contact Us to speak to one of our advisors about any questions you may ha

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