Temporary loss of License Insurance

As a pilot you may come up against situations where your license could be revoked on a temporary basis. A likely situation for this would be failing to pass your medical certificate due to a short term illness or accident, which would render you unable to fly while you are suffering from its effects.

In order to protect your income in short-term situations where you are unable to fly, CCW Global is able to provide Pilot’s loss of license insurance coverage for short-term loss of license conditions.

Pilot license


Temporary Loss of License Coverage

Temporary Pilot’s loss of license insurance in Hong Kong will provide a monthly payment of 75 percent of your salary should you experience temporary total disability due to a bodily injury or illness.

Should you temporarily lose any licenses or certificates required to fly because of an accident or injury then the insurance will continue to provide support until you recover.

Should you be unlikely to reinstate your licenses/certificates within 36 months then the insurance will consider the loss to be Long Term and provide a benefit accordingly.


Free Pilot’s Temporary Loss of License Quotes

If you would like to receive a free quote for any of the temporary loss of Pilot’s license insurance options offered by CCW Global please complete the short form here. 

Alternatively, you can Contact Us and speak directly to an expert aviation insurance broker to learn more about the coverage offered under a temporary loss of license benefit.

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