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A Hong Kong health insurance plan which includes emergency evacuation coverage will ensure that you are able to receive necessary medical treatment in the event that a local hospital cannot provide it, by transporting you to the nearest centre of medical excellence for continuing care.

While Hong Kong’s healthcare system, both public and private, can provide extremely high standards of medical treatment the same cannot be said of many countries around the world. One of the major benefits of a Hong Kong health insurance plan from CCW Global is that these policies will generally provide international coverage, meaning that a single policy will protect you no matter where in the world you may go.

However, in the event that local medical facilities in your vicinity cannot provide adequate treatment options or standards of care then an evacuation may be necessary. If you have to be medically evacuated then the costs of the evacuation will probably be too expensive for an ordinary individual to handle independently; easily reaching HK$ 1,500,000 or more for each single evacuation.

As such, should you take frequent trips overseas for work or pleasure, CCW strongly recommends that you consider adding an Emergency Evacuation coverage benefit to you Hong Kong medical insurance plan.

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Emergency Evacuation Insurance Coverage

Some of the Hong Kong health insurance plans offered by CCW will include Emergency Evacuation coverage as standard with the policy’s inpatient health insurance benefit. However, other Hong Kong health insurance plans will have emergency evacuation coverage as an optional extra which you can purchase in addition to existing coverage benefits.

If you are interested in obtaining Emergency Evacuation protection on your HK medical insurance plan please inform one of our brokers when comparing your options.

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How Does Emergency Evacuation Work?

In the event that you suffer a medical emergency, such as an accident or illness, while overseas a Hong Kong health insurance plan which includes an Emergency Evacuation coverage benefit will ensure that you are able to receive transportation to a secondary location where care and treatment are available for the condition.

In order for the evacuation to be covered under the Hong Kong medical insurance plan, both the attending doctor at the primary medical facility and the insurance company must agree that no care is available in your current location and that an evacuation is, indeed, necessary.

At that point you will be transported to a hospital or medical facility which can provide appropriate care. That transportation can, depending on your circumstances, occur via land, water or air and can mean that you are evacuated to a superior hospital within your current country, transported to a neighboring country, or even repatriated to your home nation.

The specifics of the evacuation and transportation will depend on the severity of your condition and the treatment you require, but it is important to understand that the evacuation must be a medical necessity; a policyholder cannot demand an evacuation because they feel like it.

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Free Hong Kong Emergency Evacuation Insurance Quotes

If you would like to receive a free quote for a comprehensive Hong Kong health insurance plan which includes emergency evacuation coverage please complete the short form found here. One of our expert Hong Kong insurance brokers will contact you with a detailed comparison of all the options best suited for your individual requirements.

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