Concert Insurance

CCW Global can offer comprehensive coverage options for Concerts, Festivals and other music events in Hong Kong as part of our extensive Event Insurance product line.

Concert Insurance is a great way to ensure that you have adequate protection for all eventualities which may happen at your show. From artist Non-Performance, through to coverage on rented equipment, a Hong Kong Concert Insurance plan from CCW Global Insurance Brokers can provide complete peace-of-mind to all event organizers.

As Hong Kong develops into a world-renowned concert location, more and more headlining acts are arriving in the city. However, with major names come big risks, and a lot of financial uncertainty – what would happen if the show was cancelled due to inclement weather, or if the power went out on your speaker system during the final act of your festival?

These uncertainties, amongst many others can be mitigated, or even offset, through a bespoke Hong Kong Concert Insurance plan.



Free Concert Insurance Quotes in Hong Kong

If you would like to obtain a concert insurance quote for a concert or festival you are producing in Hong Kong simply complete this short form. Once you have submitted your quotation request an expert Hong Kong insurance broker will contact you directly to further discuss your coverage needs.

More information about our concert insurance quotation process can be found by clicking Specialist Insurance Quotes.

Alternatively, please Contact Us to speak to an expert insurance advisor about your concert insurance needs today!

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