Kidnap and Ransom Insurance in Hong Kong

CCW Global is able to provide quality Kidnap and Ransom insurance plans to Hong Kong residents and companies requiring protection against abductions and any corresponding requests for a ransom payment.

Kidnap and Ransom insurance plans are usually obtained by individuals and corporations operating in highly dangerous parts of the world, such as active war zones, terrorist hot-spots and other high-risk locations including Afghanistan, Iraq, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, Colombia, El Salvador, and the Sudan.

A Kidnap and Ransom insurance plan from CCW Global will provide indemnification against the financial risks associated with acts of Kidnapping and abduction.

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Kidnap and Ransom Protection

The Kidnap and Ransom insurance plans offered by CCW Global in Hong Kong are indemnity policies – this means that they will compensate the policyholder for financial losses stemming from a specific class of risk.

Typical coverage under an international Kidnap and Ransom insurance plan in Hong Kong will include reimbursement protection for:

  • Ransom Payments – reimbursement for money paid to recover the victim of kidnapping
  • Transit and Delivery – coverage against the loss of ransom payments while in transit to final destination
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment – similar to Personal Accident coverage, will cover against the risk of accidental death or dismemberment which occurs during kidnapping
  • Judgements and Legal liability – for claims and suits in relation to the kidnapping
  • Additional Expenses and Allied Perils – Medical Care, Wage and Salary Replacement, other expenses relating to the kidnapping.

In many cases a Kidnap and Ransom insurance plan will not cover ransom payments directly; it is important to understand that the policyholder will normally have to provide the ransom payment out-of-pocket in a Kidnapping event, and receive reimbursement for that payment from the insurer at a later time. However, a Kidnap and Ransom insurance plan will generally provide coverage against interest payments generated via a loan which was taken to pay the ransom demanded by kidnappers.

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Who Needs Kidnap and Ransom Insurance?

Whilst Kidnap and Ransom insurance plans can often be overlooked on the basis that such an act will rarely occur, it is important to understand that over 1000 business professionals and high-level corporate executives are kidnapped around the world, each and every year.

From criminal gangs in China and El Salvador to political militias in Peru and Colombia, a kidnap and ransom insurance plan should strongly be considered by any individual, family, or business executive planning on traveling to a high-risk part of the world.

Individuals who are perceived to be very wealthy, no matter whether the perception matches the reality, are the people who are most in need of this form of Hong Kong Insurance coverage.

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Free Kidnap and Ransom Insurance Quote in Hong Kong

If you would like to learn more about how we provide quotes for Kidnap and Ransom insurance plans in Hong Kong, please click Specialist Insurance Quotes. The Kidnap and Ransom insurance plans provided by CCW are generally offered on a case-by-case basis and are custom made for each specific customer requesting this kind of protection. If you would like a free quote for a Kidnap and Ransom insurance plan in Hong Kong please Contact Us to speak to an expert Hong Kong Insurance Broker.

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