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If you have ever taken a stroll down Sheung Wan, Tin Hau, Chai Wan, or one of the myriad of older districts on Hong Kong island you will no doubt have noticed the plethora of Traditional Chinese apothecaries and medicine shops lining the streets. One of the best aspects of life in Hong Kong is that it is a mixture of both East and West, and when it comes to your healthcare you should be allowed to take advantage of all the treatment options open to you.

While Traditional Chinese and Asian medical practices have millennia of history behind them, these fields of healthcare have not really caught on in Western nations until very recently. However, a growing body of peer-reviewed science is increasingly pointing to the validity of treatments including Acupuncture and Acupressure, and herbal remedies such as Cordyceps Fungi.

It is for these reasons that CCW Global is able to provide Global and Hong Kong health insurance plans which offer comprehensive coverage for alternative therapies, including Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Alternative Therapy Coverage on Hong Kong Health Insurance

If your Hong Kong medical insurance policy includes a coverage benefit for medical treatment from Alternative therapies then the plan will protect you against the:

• Costs of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
• Costs of receiving Acupuncture Treatment
• Costs of seeing a Chiropractor
• Costs of receiving Homeopathic Treatment
• Costs of seeing an Osteopath
• Costs associated with Podiatry
• Costs associated with Dietician Treatments

It is important to note that an Alternative therapy coverage benefit is typically only available in addition to an inpatient health insurance policy. However, there are Hong Kong health insurance plans which may provide alternative therapy and Traditional Chinese medicine coverage as part of the policy’s Outpatient Coverage Benefit.


Free Quotes for Alternative Therapy Insurance

If you would like to receive a free quote and comparison of the leading Hong Kong health insurance plans offering an Alternative therapy coverage benefit please complete this short form. One of our expert insurance brokers will then contact you with a detailed quotation comparison overview comparing all the leading market options.

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