Amateur Sports Protection

If you are a pilot who likes to play sports, perhaps you play rugby for a social team, then getting injured could mean that you are unable to work. Whether that is on a permanent, or temporary basis, your sporting activities pose a risk to your livelihood, and mean a potential disqualification from flight status due to injury.

CCW Global is able to offer comprehensive Pilot’s Loss of License insurance plans in Hong Kong which provide coverage against loss of license which stems from a Pilot’s involvement in amateur sports.

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Loss of License Sports Coverage

Coverage for sport-related loss of license events under a Pilot’s loss of license plan are treated as a normal part of the coverage. This is unusual, as many pilot’s loss of license products will exclude sports and sports related injuries or illness from coverage, if a pilot is medically disqualified from flying because of such an injury.

With pilot’s loss of license insurance from CCW, should you participate in any amateur sport, whether it is running, tennis, or even rugby, and if you were to suffer an injury as a result of participating in that sport, the sports coverage options on the insurance plan would ensure that you have financial assistance while recuperating and unable to work.

Most sports injuries, tennis elbow for example, will be short term issues; only requiring that the pilot recovers before their flight status is reapproved. Other injuries could be career ending, and see the pilot permanently loss their license on a medical basis.

Should that happen, the plans from CCW Global have you covered.


Free pilot’s amateur sports insurance quotes

If you would like to receive a free quote for any of the Pilot’s loss of license plans offered by CCW Global which include amateur sports coverage, or if you would like to compare the pilot’s sports insurance plans that may meet your needs, please complete the short form on this page. 

You can also Contact Us to arrange a consultation directly with an expert Hong Kong Insurance Broker.

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