Health Insurance Coverage Limits

Hong Kong health insurance plans from CCW Global will always have extremely high coverage limits. We choose only to work with policies which will actually be able to protect you when you need them to, and consequently only offer plans which have high levels of protection.

In the event that you suffer a serious injury or illness the last thing that you need to be thinking about is whether or not your HK medical insurance plan is able to provide enough coverage for your treatment. As such, CCW only offers plans which are able to give you the high levels of protection which you deserve.

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Common Health Insurance Benefit Limits

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Per Condition Limit

A per-condition coverage limit will specify the amount of financial protection available for each separate medical condition you may suffer while on the policy.

Each separate condition you require treatment for under your Health Insurance policy will receive a separate limit. When the coverage limit for treatment of any given medical condition has been reached, no further coverage will be provided for the treatment of the condition under the policy. 

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Annual Coverage Limit

An Annual Coverage limit will specify the amount of financial protection available under the plan each policy year.

This means that for each year which you hold a Hong Kong health insurance plan your coverage will be capped at a certain level. You are able to make claims up to that level, but any claims made over that amount will typically be rejected by the insurance company.

However, an Annual coverage limit will reset each time you renew your Hong Kong Health Insurance Plan. Each time the policy is renewed your limit will reset and you will start that policy year having used $0 of the total amount of protection available.

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Lifetime Coverage Limit

A Lifetime Coverage limit will specify the amount of financial protection available under the plan for the entire lifetime of the policy.

This means that the policy will offer a specific amount of coverage which can be used for as long as you possess the plan. However, once that limit has been reached no further protection will be offered under the policy.

Lifetime coverage limits are normally extremely high in order to give the policyholder a reasonable amount of coverage. However, in the event of a serious medical condition it may be possible to hit that limit with your healthcare treatment, resulting in a situation where no further protection is available under the Hong Kong health insurance policy, and where a new application for cover with an alternative insurance can be a challenge due to the concern of a pre-existing medical condition.

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Coverage Limit Information and Free Health Insurance Quotes

If you would like to learn more about the coverage limit variants typically included in Hong Kong medical insurance coverage, or if you have a specific question about the limit on your policy, please Contact a Hong Kong Insurance Broker Today.

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