Non-Traditional Life Insurance

CCW Global Insurance Brokers in Hong Kong are able to provide comprehensive advice on a number of non-traditional life insurance products.

Life Insurance, in a form which would be recognizable to most individuals in the modern world, has been an obtainable insurance product for almost 400 years. Since the coverage’s inception, there have been a number of policy variants which have become ubiquitous in the market, especially in Hong Kong.

Such variants would include life insurance plans like Term Life and Whole of Life Products.

In recent years a number of alternate life insurance products have been developed to meet needs not currently covered, or not fully covered by existing policy types. These policies are often more flexible than traditional life insurances, but may not be available from all life insurance providers currently operating in Hong Kong.

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Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance is probably the most flexible and innovative type of life insurance coverage available in the Hong Kong market. This type of coverage has flexible premiums, adjustable benefits, and accumulates a cash value.

Universal life insurance allows a policyholder greater control over the plan, and enables the policyholder to adjust his plan as his needs change over time.


An annuity is defined as a contract where an insurance company promises to make a series of periodic payments to a designated individual, throughout the lifetime of a person or for an agreed period, in return for a payment or series of payments by the purchaser.

As can be seen from this definition Annuities can be fairly complicated due to the number of people who may potentially become involved in the policy. However, these plans are useful in order to guarantee a specific amount of money over a given time.

Pensions and Unit Linked Life

Please note that CCW Global does not provide advice or coverage options in relation to Unit Linked Life or Pensions in Hong Kong. CCW Global intends for the content contained in this section to be for informational purposes only and, like the rest of this website, should not constitute an invitation to obtain or purchase any Pension or Unit Linked Life Insurance product in Hong Kong. CCW Global may choose to update this section of the website with content from our partner companies who provide such insurance services.


Free Non-Traditional Life Insurance Quotes

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