Sport Insurance in Hong Kong

CCW is able to provide comprehensive sports insurance plans in Hong Kong.

Sports insurance policies we work with are able to offer extensive protection to both Amateur and Professional athletes, and will ensure that sportspersons in Hong Kong are adequately protected against the costs, and risks, associated with accidents, career ending injuries, and potential liability issues.

Additionally, CCW offers sports insurance solutions to coaches, clubs, and tournament organizers; providing a range of bespoke insurance services at all levels of most major sports. From booking a practice pitch, through to going on club-wide tours, sports insurance plans from CCW Global will ensure that all athletes, managers, and teams have the protection they deserve.

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Sportsperson Accident Insurance

Accidents are a common fact of life when playing sports. From broken bones and severe sprains from playing rugby, to knee complaints and sore muscles from simply running everyday, athletes all over the world have to live with accidents and injuries on a daily basis.

CCW Global is able to provide comprehensive sports insurance options which include coverage for temporary or permanent disablement stemming from an individual’s participation in a sporting event. Additionally, our Sporting Accident Insurance products can include Medical Insurance protection for rehabilitation following an injury, as well as provide loss of income coverage for professional athletes.

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Sports Liability Insurance

Managers, Coaches, and Organizers of sports teams and sports events often have a number of unique liability concerns to think about. From public liability considerations when renting a pitch or sports field, through to liability protection for errors and omissions made as part of a coach’s profession, CCW Global is able to provide comprehensive Sports Liability Insurance solutions in Hong Kong and throughout the rest of the APAC region.

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Sports Contingency Insurance

As part of the comprehensive range of sporting insurance solutions from CCW Global we are able to offer high quality contingency insurance options in Hong Kong and throughout the APAC region.

CCW’s sports contingency plans are able to offer sporting event organizers high quality protection against the risks associated with Cancellation, Non-Appearance, and Equipment failures at major sporting events, including international tournaments and local cup matches.

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