Permanent Loss of License Insurance

Having your license or flight status permanently revoked is one of the worst things that could happen to a pilot, especially if it is through no fault of you own. Suffering a serious illness or bodily injury is, in most cases, something that could render you unfit to fly; depriving you of your income and the use of your many years of (often expensive) training.

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Permanent Loss of License Coverage

In the event that you suffer a total permanent disability through illness or bodily injury that disqualifies you from flying, and in the expert opinion of medical experts you are unlikely to reinstate your license within 36 months from the date of your disability, then the Permanent Loss of License coverage benefit will pay you a financial settlement.

As the policyholder you have the option of receiving a lump sum payment, or a monthly distribution should you file a successful permanent loss of license claim. The total settlement amount you receive is based upon your annual salary and will be stated clearly in your Pilot’s loss of license policy schedule.

In the event that you file a permanent loss of license claim, but are able to restore your license within 18 months of the disability date, you may be required to repay a pro-rated amount of the benefit you received to the insurance company.


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