Loss of License Coverage Areas

Pilot’s loss of license insurance plans offered by CCW Global are designed to cover you for accidents or illnesses which result in the loss of your license worldwide.

In addition to this you may be able to include an accidental death benefit on your Pilot’s Loss of License policy which would protect you against you flight risk of death, anywhere on Earth. This means that no matter where you flight plan may take you; you will be fully protected should you encounter a scenario where you are deemed unfit to fly and have you licenses or certificates revoked.

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Insurance Protection

Global Pilot’s Loss of License Insurance Protection

Pilot’s Loss of License insurance plans offered by CCW Global are annual, and are able to follow a pilot internationally, no matter where they may go worldwide, as long as the pilot is considered to be “actively at work.”

This worldwide protection is available to all pilots and aviators, regardless of their Class 1 nationality.

As such, the pilot’s loss of license insurance options from CCW Global are able to provide the flexibility and fluency needed by modern-day aviators to fly secure in the knowledge that their income is protected should the worst happen, no matter where they may be on earth.


Free Worldwide Pilot’s Loss of License Insurance Quotes

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