Accelerated Death Benefits

CCW Global Insurance Brokers can help you to find comprehensive life insurance coverage in Hong Kong which provides an accelerated death benefit. This means that the policy is able to pay either part or all of the death benefit to the policyholder prior to their demise.

Also known as living benefit riders, an accelerated death benefit can contain a number of different major variants.

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Types of Accelerated Death Benefits

There are two commonly used accelerated death benefit provisions within the Hong Kong life insurance market.

Deep Dive into Accelerated Death Benefits


Why are accelerated death benefits used?

Accelerated death benefits are designed to provide relief to a policyholder in times of great stress or need. They are designed to provide financial support to what would otherwise be extraordinary monetary burdens.


What plans offer these benefits?

Accelerated Death benefits are only allowed on larger life insurance policies, usually those with a face amount of more than US$ 100,000.


What is the impact for beneficiaries?

The accelerated death benefit is designed to provide pre-death payments to the policyholder. This can have a significant impact on any named beneficiaries, who will receive lower settlements from the policy due to the payments made under the benefit. As such, many life insurance plans require the beneficiaries or assignees of a policy providing an accelerated death benefit to sign a release acknowledging they will receive a lower death benefit.


Free Life Insurance Quotes in Hong Kong

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