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Two happy familes
06 September 2022
Hong Kong Life Insurance
Elderly couple walking in the park
13 January 2022
What is life insurance?
In principle, the concept of Life Insurance is fairly easy to understand; it is a type of coverage that provides a sum of money if the person who is insured dies while the policy is in force. However,...
Single tree on mountain
14 September 2022
Hong Kong Life Insurance Quotes
Father and sand at the beach
19 September 2022
Life Insurance Incontestability Provision
Woman working alone
14 September 2022
Life Insurance Premium Factors
07 September 2022
Life Insurance Insurability Benefits
Switching metaphor
19 September 2022
Switching a Hong Kong Life Insurance Plan
15 September 2022
Life Insurance Premium Pricing Methods
Brooke cagle g1kr4ozfoac unsplash 400x0 is
27 July 2022
Life Insurance for Critical Human Resources
There are normally two critical variables when it comes to any business purchasing life insurance: The ability of a company to continue operations after the death of a key employeeOverall employee sat...
Covid 19 vaccine
22 December 2021
Life Insurance for the year ahead
With the Omicron variant of Covid ramping up worldwide, 2022 looks set to continue the theme of the decade and life is still very much impacted by the global pandemic. But outside of the virus, if the...
07 September 2022
Inflation Adjusted Life Insurance Plans
09 September 2022
Hong Kong Life Insurance Premiums
Stone stacking up
21 April 2021
Are Life Insurance and General Insurance Regulations the same?
Life insurance is a complex product, that is typically in force for many years and obtained with a view to offer long term financial protection. We recently discussed the licensing of agents and insur...
19 September 2022
Hong Kong Term Life Insurance Plans
Grave 2
19 September 2022
Suicide Exclusions on Life Insurance Plans
Flowers in winter
19 September 2022
Endowment Life Insurance in Hong Kong
19 September 2022
Assigning Life Insurance in Hong Kong

Insurance Plans(2)

Met Life
07 September 2022
MetLife Life Insurance
CCW Global is able to offer high quality Hong Kong Life Insurance plans from leading insurance provider MetLife Metropolitan Life Insurance Company of Hong Kong Limited and MetLife Limited are the pri...
China Life
07 September 2022
China Life Insurance (Overseas) Company Limited
Operating in Hong Kong since 1985, the China Life Insurance (Overseas) Company Limited is the first and largest State-owned insurance corporation operating in Hong Kong and Macau. Also known by the ab...


General life insuraxnce broker
25 August 2022
General and Life Insurance Broker
Medical, Life & General Insurance CCW Global is currently looking to expand its team and is inviting applications for the position of Insurance Broker. This is an opportunity to establish a long-t...