Public Liability Insurance

If you are a Hong Kong business owner and your businesses premises are frequently accessed by members of the public, or you are an event organizer putting on an event which many people will attend, then it may be important for you to consider the purchase of a Public Liability Insurance policy.

Hong Kong Public Liability Insurance plans will cover you against your liability for third party property damage and personal injury in the event of an accident which has occurred due to your negligence.

Example One

Retail Liability Claim Example

Public Liability Insurance in Hong Kong is able to provide protection against a wide range of liability risks.

To give an example of how Public Liability Insurance works we can look at the following situation:

You have just opened a retail store in the busy shopping district of Hong Kong and erected signage above your shop to advertise your presence and attract business. While you have taken every step to ensure that your signage is properly installed and attached to the building, the fixture comes down during a storm and lands on top of a passer-by who suffers significant injuries.

As the owner of the sign you would be liable to cover the costs of treatment for the passer-by’s injuries and even their long-term mental suffering. However, the purchase of a Public Liability Insurance policy will ensure that the policy bears the liability of the individual’s injury, rather than you having to cover those costs out-of-pocket.

Mong kok street

Example Two

Event Liability Claim Example

Another example of the scope of a Public Liability Insurance plan can be seen with the next situation:

As the owner of an event management company your business is running a networking mixer at your swanky central offices. The mixer is open to members of the public, and the turnout is better than expected with a diverse group of people from all walks of life enjoying good wine and canapés. However, as one of your guests is making their way to the bathroom they trip and fall over a corner of the carpet which was not properly affixed, resulting in a broken arm as they tried to prevent their imminent contact with the floor.

In this situation your Public Liability Insurance policy would cover you for your liability to the guest’s treatment costs for the broken arm, ensuring that your businesses does not have to pay any form of compensation and you are not having to contribute to those costs personally.

Concert at night

extra benefits

Event Liability Protection

While public liability insurance is often the first consideration for event planners and promoters, CCW is actually able to offer Event Insurance options in Hong Kong that offer Public Liability cover in addition to a range of complimentary benefits.


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