Commercial Goods Liability Insurance

Commercial Goods Liability insurance, also known as Product Liability Insurance or CGL insurance, covers your legal expenses should you face claims of selling, making, or distributing products that cause injury or damage. CGL Insurance is able to protect Manufacturers, Retailers and Wholesalers, and Tradesmen against their financial liability at law for using, or providing, defective and damaged goods.

CCW Global is able to provide Commercial Goods Liability insurance to businesses and vendors in Hong Kong, and around the world.

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Product Liability Coverage for your Business

If your business sells a product that is defective it is important to understand that any entity in that product’s supply chain could face a lawsuit should the defective product cause physical harm or financial loss. Even though your business may be doing nothing wrong, by handling the product (or its components) the company may be exposed to legal action.

It is for this reason that many online webstores, including Amazon.com, are requiring that vendors above a certain annual revenue threshold obtain Commercial Goods Liability/Product Liability insurance to cover all goods and products they are selling. In the case of Amazon.com, any sellers with over US$10,000 in annual revenue are required to obtain CGL Insurance.

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Commercial Goods Insurance Coverage

CCW Global is able to offer commercial goods liability insurance products with the following coverages:

  • US$ 1 milllion in coverage per occurance, in aggregate
  • Coverage against Bodily Injury, Personal Injury, Property Damage, and Contractual Damage
  • Flexible policy types including Commercial General, Umbrella, and Excess Liability

CGL insurance products we offer are also able to name your organization and the online platform (e.g. Amazon), in addition to the specific products you are selling under the policy.

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