Pilot’s Accidental Death Insurance

Many of the Pilot’s Loss of License Insurance policies offered by CCW Global in Hong Kong can be customized to include personal accident and accidental death coverage, in-order cover your flight-risk of a worst-case scenario being realized.

Plane accident

Insurance Coverage

Accidental Death and Personal Accident Coverage

In the event that you suffer an accidental death while flying, your Pilot’s Loss of License insurance plan will provide a settlement to your next of kin enabling them to continue their lifestyle. Simply put, your Pilot’s loss of license can be upgraded to include basic life insurance, which can normally be maintained until you retire or reach 65 years of age.

Additionally, many pilot’s loss of license insurance products can be tailored to include personal accident protection – even if you are already be receive a benefit for your lost license or certificates because of an accident or illness, it may be possible to receive an additional benefit for the actual disability you suffer.

Younger pilots will normally receive higher settlement amounts than older aviators, more accurately reflecting their lost earnings potential due to a premature death or disablement.


Pilot’s Accidental Death and Accident Insurance

If you would like to receive a free quote for any of the Pilot’s Loss of License Insurance products offered by CCW Global which include a personal accident and/or death benefit, simply complete the short form here. 

Alternatively, you can Contact Us to speak directly to one of our expert Hong Kong Insurance Brokers to discuss the Pilot’s Death and Accident Insurance which best meets your needs.

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