04 June 2022

Accidents at Home


As society is firmly ensconced in the work from home era, many people may erroneously assume that they are safe and secure both living and working from the comfort of their own home. However, according to studies, you’re actually more likely to experience a serious accident at home over any other location!

In fact, even before looking at risks like fire, theft, and flood, your home contains myriad risks which could impact your health and safety. With more time being spent at home now than ever before it is important that Hong Kong residents take the necessary steps to protect themselves, and their wallets, from any costly emergency situation.

Health Insurance at Home

The most immediate and useful type of insurance for anyone who has suffered an accident or injury is going to be Health Insurance; even if you’re sitting on your computer at home.

Health Insurance is design to protect you against the costs of any medical treatment you may receive (subject to the plan’s terms and conditions), ensuring that you are able to access the best possible healthcare no matter what has happened. Unfortunately, while the public hospital system in Hong Kong is low cost it is also burdened by bureaucracy and patient demand. In contrast, the private hospital system is much simpler to access, but is the second most expensive private healthcare system in the world (behind the USA).

Health insurance will always start with inpatient protection. This is to say that, when you purchase any medical insurance product you will always receive protection against the costs of your medical treatment where an overnight stay in a hospital (or similar facility) is medically necessary. This is important because inpatient medical expenses are some of the highest that any individual can expect to pay over the course of their life – being admitted to hospital for one or more nights will be extremely detrimental to your personal finances unless you have insurance.

Even an accident as seemingly trivial as tripping over the edge of a carpet can have severe and long-term consequences. A broken arm could be the least of your problems when considering the possibility of concussion, torn ligaments, or a separated shoulder. Even tripping over the carpet is one of the more mundane considerations for things that can (and probably will) go wrong in your home. From your kitchen to your bathroom, the list of ways in which you can hurt yourself inside your own home is almost endless.

This is important to consider when thinking about ways to protect yourself during WFH. You have a risk of experiencing more than just an inpatient medical issue. Although inpatient coverage is a standard benefit on all health insurance products, opting to expand your protection could prove to be invaluable; especially if you have children. Understanding all the risks you face can help you to choose and tailor a health insurance package which specifically meets your requirements.

Most Hong Kong and International Health Insurance plans offered by CCW Global will enable you to create bespoke coverage based on your needs. Coverage benefits available under Hong Kong Health Insurance products include:

Health insurance is the best way to ensure that if you experience a situation requiring healthcare whilst in the comfort of your home, that you will be able to receive the care you need when you need it, without worry about the impact on your wallet.

Home Insurance with Health Protection

Many people are shocked to learn that they may actually be receiving medical protection under their existing home insurance policy. This coverage is nowhere near as robust as the protection you would receive under a standalone Hong Kong or International Health Insurance policy, but does provide you with some coverage in certain situations.

Many Hong Kong Home Contents Insurance policies will provide limited financial coverage if you suffer an injury, permanent disablement, or death as a victim of a burglary or robbery.

This benefit exists on many Hong Kong home insurance plans will normally provide between HK$ 5,000 to HK$ 15,000 per year should you or your family members in the event that you experience a break in at your home and, as a consequence of that benefit, receive an injury. Similarly, many home insurance products will also provide up to HK$ 150,000 per year in coverage for death or permanent disablement due to the same risk.

The personal protection you receive under many Home Contents insurance products is low in the levels of coverage being provided. However, many of these benefits are free – and its possible that some Home Insurance policyholders are already receiving protection for this benefit without even realizing it. It should also be stated that solely relying on Home Insurance for any medical protection is ill advised; the specifics of this type of coverage is extremely limited. In order to receive coverage under a Home Insurance medical benefit, you would have to prove that you have been the victim of a robbery or burglary and that your injuries were directly caused by that event.

This causes a far more complicated situation than simply taking the bus (or ambulance) to Queen Mary Hospital and waiting in the ER. As such, this extra medical insurance coverage comes in handy following a robbery, or burglary, as a form of supplemental protection in a worst-case scenario.

Health Protection in Hong Kong

You may not realize it, but there are risks that come from being home. Whether it is the low risk of becoming the victim of a burglary or robbery, or you’re just clumsy and seriously injure yourself around your belongings, accidents can happen – even from the comfort of your couch.

CCW Global is able to provide an extensive range of leading Hong Kong and International Health Insurance products for all budgets and needs. These plans can be supplemented by Personal Accident, Critical Illness, Life Insurance, and (as we’ve seen above) even Home Contents products.

Insurance is not a “one-size-fits-all” product. Everyone has different needs, and different concerns – whether this is a company or a business. Our expert brokers will consult with you on a no-risk, no-cost basis to help you compare all the options that best meet your needs, and will never advise you to buy an insurance plan that doesn’t do what you need it to do.

For more information, or to request a free consultation with one of our expert Hong Kong Insurance Brokers, please Contact Us Today.

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