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Hong Kong Vaccination Health Insurance Plans

Part of modern medicine is the advent of vaccines, successfully used and developed by Edward Jenner in 1796 to vaccinate individuals against the small pox virus. In the 21st century Vaccines are the most effective way to prevent a range of serious diseases.

Due to pseudoscience scare tactics promoted by a number of international celebrities many parents in certain parts of the world, such as California, are now choosing not to vaccinate their children against some easily preventable illnesses. This has led to a resurgence of a number of diseases that were, until this point, easily manageable through vaccination programs.

Whooping Cough, Measles, and Mumps are all on the rise across the world due to lowered vaccination rates and a misguided belief that naturopathic medicine, such as high doses of Vitamin C, is as effective as a traditional vaccination program. Under current medical science conducted in double blind peer reviewed studies this belief has been proven categorically wrong.

To ensure your health, and the health and safety of individuals you or your child may come into contact with, CCW Global recommends consulting a qualified doctor about vaccinations.

Vaccination Health Insurance Coverage

Vaccination health insurance plans in Hong Kong from CCW Global will provide coverage for necessary vaccinations, and are usually offered through a policy’s Outpatient Coverage Benefit and will cover you for the costs associated with the following vaccines:

•    Polio Vaccine
•    Hepatitis Vaccines
•    Tetanus Shots and Boosters
•    Diphtheria Vaccines
•    Flu Vaccines for Strains of Seasonal Flu
•    MMR Vaccines
•    HPV Vaccine
•    Varicella Vaccine

It is important to note that if your Hong Kong health insurance policy provides vaccination coverage then the coverage will vary dependent on the company you choose to purchase your plan from. Generally, a Vaccination coverage benefit in Hong Kong will provide protection against the costs of receiving necessary vaccines.

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