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Hong Kong Health Insurance Coverage Areas

CCW Global can provide Hong Kong Health Insurance plans which offer Worldwide Protection.

When you chose to use CCW as your Hong Kong medical insurance broker you are able to access a range of comprehensive medical insurance plans which will provide you with global coverage. This means that a single policy will protect you against the costs of healthcare and medical treatments anywhere in the world.

However, global coverage may not be needed by all our customers. Consequently we can offer Hong Kong health insurance plans which provide regional or country-specific coverage. There are benefits to choosing coverage areas other than Worldwide, while obtaining a policy with global protection can also be extremely useful depending on your needs.

Coverage Areas of Hong Kong Health Insurance Plans

When applying for a HK medical insurance plan through CCW you will normally be offered the option of selecting exactly where you would like to receive coverage under the plan when completing the application paperwork. Generally, HK health insurance plans we offer will provide worldwide coverage as a standard option, but you can decide on obtaining coverage in a different geographical area if that is offered by the plan you are purchasing.

Worldwide Protection and Coverage

As previously stated many of the health insurance plans we offer will provide you with global coverage. This means that no matter which countries you may visit in the future, even if you should repatriate to your home nation, that a Hong Kong health insurance plan with worldwide coverage will protect you across the globe.

Obtaining a Hong Kong health insurance plan which includes worldwide coverage means that you will only ever need a single health insurance policy – you will not have to purchase Travel Health Insurance for your medical coverage when you go on holiday, and even if your work takes you to a new location your plan will be able to travel with you and continue to provide the coverage you and your family require. Furthermore, because our medical insurance policies will allow you to choose where you receive your medical treatment obtaining a policy with worldwide protection means that you can visit the doctor or hospital of your choice, even if it is located in a completely different country!

While a HK health insurance policy with worldwide coverage can give you flexibility and security no matter where you are currently located, it is important to note that selecting a worldwide protection under your plan will mean that you are likely to pay a higher policy premium than if you had chosen one of the other coverage areas listed on this page.

Worldwide Coverage excluding North America or the USA

A second option for the geographical coverage areas of a Hong Kong health insurance plan is worldwide coverage excluding the USA or North America. Choosing this coverage area for your HK medical insurance policy will mean that you can receive elective and scheduled treatment with the doctor or hospital of your choice in any country but the United States of America.

The reason for this option is simple; the USA has the highest average medical costs in the world. Choosing to include coverage in the USA will mean that your policy must cover the cost of care in that country, even if you never receive healthcare treatment in the States. By excluding the USA from elective and scheduled treatment under your Hong Kong health insurance policy you no longer have to pay a premium which is associated with the “risk” of having treatment in America, and will consequently see a much lower annual premium than if you had elected to receive worldwide coverage including the country.

It is important to note, however, that depending on the insurance company and plan that you choose to purchase, excluding the USA or North America from coverage under your plan may still allow you to receive emergency treatment in the country up to a pre-defined “emergency treatment” policy limit. The limits and specifics of the emergency treatment coverage will vary dependent on the insurance companies, so please contact our advisors for more information.

Regional and Country-Specific Protection

If your Hong Kong health insurance premium is of a high degree of concern and you would like to investigate ways to substantially lower your payments then CCW can provide flexible price-sensitive options for coverage areas that can see you realize significant savings on the cost of your policy.

One of the best ways to do this is by selecting to have a policy coverage area which is specific to a single region or even country. We can provide Asia-Only Health Insurance options which enable freedom of choice for treatment, and coverage in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. As the Asia-only coverage option does not include protection in Hong Kong due to the city’s high costs of treatment in the private sector, this type of policy may not be suitable for residents in the city.

However, CCW can also provide Hong Kong Only and China Only coverage options which work in the same manner. A Hong Kong Only health insurance policy will give you protection against the costs of healthcare at any private hospital in the city, from the Adventist to the Matilda, and because coverage is limited to a single location the premiums of the plans are often more affordable than a Hong Kong health insurance plan which offers Worldwide coverage.

Local and International Health Insurance in Hong Kong

At CCW we can provide both local and international health insurance plans to residents and expatriates in Hong Kong. There are a number of key differences between local health insurance and international health insurance plans in Hong Kong that it is important for you to understand prior to purchasing a policy.

Learn more about International and Local Health Insurance plans in Hong Kong.

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