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Hong Kong Health Insurance

Hong Kong Health Insurance from CCWCCW Global is an expert broker of health insurance plans in Hong Kong. Our extensive range with both local and international medical insurance options in Hong Kong means that we are able to give you access to the widest range of high quality coverage options currently available on the market.

Obtaining your Hong Kong medical insurance policy through CCW Global can have a number of significant benefits. The health insurance products we work with will typically:

  • Be Guaranteed Renewable for Life
  • Be Globally Portable
  • Offer Worldwide Protection
  • Enable Global Freedom of Choice for your Medical Treatment

As a broker CCW is able to work with any insurance company we choose. However, it is important to note that while we are able to offer plans from an extensive range of providers we will always work to represent the interests of our clients.

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Hong Kong Health Insurance Plans

Our Hong Kong health insurance plans are designed to cover a range of different and unique needs. We can provide comprehensive coverage options to expatriate and local individuals, families, groups and companies located in Hong Kong.

Health Insurance plans we offer in Hong Kong include:

Please click one of the above links for more information about the coverage and protection available through a specific type of Hong Kong health insurance. Or click Hong Kong Medical Insurance Plans to view the full range of health insurance policies we offer in HKSAR.

Hong Kong Health Insurance Coverage

If you are looking for an Individual, Family or even a Group medical insurance policy in Hong Kong it is important that you understand all the aspects of your coverage.

We have created a detailed guide to helping you learn about the details of your Hong Kong health insurance coverage, including specific information on individual coverage benefits, plan management and even medical insurance claims.

Highlighted coverage benefits under Hong Kong medical insurance policies include:

For a full list of all the coverage benefits available under local and global health insurance plans in Hong Kong please click Hong Kong Health Insurance Coverage Options.

Hong Kong Health Insurance Plan Assistance

CCW Global will provide expert advice and support for all aspects of your Hong Kong health insurance plan. Whether you require assistance with a claim, or simply want to know the definition of a specific term found within your policy documents, CCW is here to help.

Common areas of concern under a Hong Kong Health Insurance policy include:

Please click on any of the links for further information about these aspects of your medical insurance in HK.

Hong Kong Health Insurance Resources

Further to our extensive guides on Hong Kong Health Insurance Plans, Coverage, and Support which we have listed above, CCW aims to further simplify the often confusing subject of medical insurance in Hong Kong by giving you access to a number of comprehensive resources.

From online brochures, applications and claims forms, through to a detailed Hospital List containing all of Hong Kong’s best medical facilities, CCW is working to ensure that you always have the best information possible in relation to your coverage.

If you would like to learn more about any of the extended services or health insurance resources we offer please click on one of the links above.

Free Hong Kong Health Insurance Quotes

To receive a free quotation comparison for a comprehensive Hong Kong health insurance plan for an individual, family, or group, simply complete the short form at the top of this page and select “health insurance” from the appropriate menu.

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