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Hong Kong Maternity and Pregnancy Insurance Plans

Having a child born through a private hospital or maternity facility anywhere in the world is becoming an increasingly expensive proposition. However, it is Hong Kong, where the costs associated with giving birth are reaching astronomical levels, which is presenting the biggest challenge in Asia, for expatriates and locals alike, with regards to the affordability of accessing quality maternity services.

To give an example of the financial impact of giving birth in Hong Kong, the costs of a routine vaginal delivery at The Matilda Hospital, one of the city’s premier maternity and pregnancy facilities, can easily reach HK$ 150,000. In the event of a complication or Caesarean section that price can climb to over HK$ 200,000.

While the costs of giving birth in Hong Kong are becoming increasingly extreme, this is compounded with a growing restriction of locally available maternity beds as more mainland Chinese cross the border to utilize Hong Kong’s superior medical services.

This trend of PRC nationals choosing to deliver their children in Hong Kong has grown to highly concerning levels since 2007, to such an extent that the Hong Kong government has imposed mandatory minimum fees on non-residents using local maternity facilities. However, even a minimum cost of HK$ 40,000 to use Public maternity hospitals has proven to be a fairly ineffective deterrent, and demand from so called “maternity tourists” has meant that these families are now choosing to deliver at one of Hong Kong’s many high-quality private hospitals.

CCW Global Insurance can provide high quality Hong Kong and International maternity insurance policies which will protect you against the costs associated with having a baby both in Hong Kong and around the world.

Maternity and Pregnancy Insurance Coverage in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Maternity Insurance plans will protect you against the costs of giving birth in Hong Kong. The maternity and pregnancy coverage options available from CCW will provide a high level of protection for maternity related care and will include protection for:

  • Costs of a routine vaginal delivery
  • Costs of a delivery following complications
  • Costs of a medically necessary Caesarean Section
  • Costs of Home Delivery
  • Costs of Pre-natal treatment
  • Costs of Post Natal Treatment
  • Costs of Delivering in the Hospital of your Choice

In some cases it may be possible to provide more extensive coverage under a Hong Kong maternity insurance plan which may include coverage for:

Depending on the HK Pregnancy insurance policy you choose to purchase, and the Hong Kong insurance company you choose to purchase the policy from, it may not be possible to obtain the more comprehensive maternity coverage benefits listed above.

If you would like to obtain a specific type of maternity coverage, but cannot find any information about the plan you would like to purchase on this page, please click Contact Us for more information. In many cases we can customize a Hong Kong medical insurance policy to meet your specific needs.

Is Maternity Insurance Necessary in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong has a high quality and all-encompassing public healthcare system which is run, at low cost to the patient, by the HKSAR government through various subsidies. Health insurance, including Maternity insurance, is not a necessity in Hong Kong due to the public system.

However, Hong Kong’s public healthcare system is increasingly being hampered by the same issues which are afflicting public medical systems around the world. Like the United Kingdom’s National Healthcare Service (NHS), the Hong Kong public medical system is becoming more prone to disproportionate waiting times, increased bureaucracy, and excessive overcrowding; in part due to an ageing population but also because of increased interest developing from Chinese nationals living in the People’s Republic of China.

A public maternity hospital, such as the Queen Mary, can provide satisfactory treatment and delivery options, but the facilities may not be as pleasant as those which can be found at a corresponding private facility, such as the Hong Kong Sanatorium. While this is not a significant detriment, especially when factored on top of the discounts available at Public Hospitals for patients paying their bills with an Octopus Card, the quality of care and attention to detail with reference to the patient are normally much higher at private medical facilities in the city.

Hong Kong Health and Maternity Insurance coverage is not a necessity, but can mean a more pleasant healthcare experience within the city, and can mean that in the event of a serious emergency at birth the child and the mother will have access to superior standards and options for their care.

Thinking about your Maternity and Pregnancy Insurance in Hong Kong

Outside of simply acquiring your pregnancy insurance coverage in Hong Kong there are a number of other considerations which it is important for you to think about and be aware of prior to purchasing a policy.

Hong Kong pregnancy plans will have waiting periods

The majority of Hong Kong Pregnancy and Maternity insurance plans will be attached to a waiting period. This is the length of time you must have held the policy before being able to claim for and receive treatment under the maternity coverage benefit. Treatment received prior to the completion of the waiting period cannot be claimed under the Hong Kong health insurance plan.

Because of the waiting period it is important to plan well in advance if you are considering starting a family. The simple truth is that if you are already pregnant then getting the costs of the delivery covered under a newly purchased Hong Kong medical insurance policy can be a challenge.

For more information please click Hong Kong health insurance Waiting Periods.

Your Maternity Insurance Coverage Area

A Hong Kong health insurance plan from CCW can enable you to receive your medical and maternity treatment with the doctor or hospital of your choice anywhere in the world. This means that, even if you are resident in Hong Kong, your plan will cover you for giving birth in the United Kingdom or United States of America.

However, choosing to select a policy coverage area which does not include specific countries and regions can mean that you are able to realize significant savings on your overall policy premium. For more information about coverage areas under your plan please click Hong Kong Health Insurance Coverage Areas

Additional Hong Kong Health Insurance Benefits

Maternity insurance coverage is usually purchased in addition to an inpatient insurance plan.  This means that you will normally have to purchase inpatient insurance protection before being able to add maternity coverage to the plan.

However, outside of Inpatient and Maternity coverage, CCW can provide a range of policy benefits to give you the most flexibility and protection possible. Coverage benefits we offer include Outpatient, Dental, and even Emergency Evacuation, giving you comprehensive protection around the world should you opt to include them as coverage benefits under your Hong Kong medical insurance plan.

Free Hong Kong Maternity and Pregnancy Insurance Quotes

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