Home Contents Insurance

Home Contents insurance will provide coverage for your household items and possessions, but will not protect the physical structure of your home.

If you own your residence and need to obtain structural insurance coverage please see Hong Kong Fire Insurance.

Also known as Renter’s Insurance, Tenant’s Insurance, or even simply as Home Insurance, a home contents insurance policy in Hong Kong will provide cover for your home contents on an “all risks” basis. This means that, unless specifically excluded from the policy, this type of Hong Kong insurance plan covers your insured contents for any accidental and unforeseen physical loss, or damage, happening inside the home (such as by fire, flood, explosion, or theft).

If, as a renter, you have installed any fixtures or fittings – such as new faucets in the bathroom, or a replacement door – it may be possible to include coverage for these items under a Home Contents Insurance policy in Hong Kong, if you actually own the items.



Single Items and Worldwide All Risks Home Insurance

The basic protection offered by a Hong Kong Home Contents Insurance policy can often be extended to include coverage for specific valuable items such as jewellery items, artwork, musical instruments and other collections if you itemise them on the policy. However, each policy is different and you would need to check the limits of the policy for individual items, and whether there is flexibility on those limits.

Additionally, for an increased Home Content Insurance Premium, many insurers will provide the option to cover certain personal property outside the home on a worldwide basis (if worldwide cover is not already included in the package). This means that you may insure specified items to be covered for accidental loss or damage happening anywhere in the world, including around Hong Kong.

Some insurers also offer cover for unspecified items (with a maximum limit per item) so that you do not have to list each and every personal item you carry with you. Again each policy is different and you would need to check the limits of the policy for individual items, and whether there is flexibility on those limits. The additional premium for worldwide cover is usually based on the value and nature of the item.

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Home Contents Insurance with Personal Liability Protection

Most home insurance packages include a certain limit of liability cover for yourself and your family living with you at the insured address, covering your legal liabilities towards third parties. You must first be found legally liable for the injury or property damage before being able to claim under this section (the third party must take legal action against you) which is the case for all third party liability insurance in Hong Kong.

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Home Contents Insurance Premiums

Depending on the insurer, the annual premium for this basic home contents cover may be calculated on the size of your home (in square feet) for a standard amount of cover, or on the actual value of your contents (a sum insured specified by you).

Please see Hong Kong Home Insurance Premiums for more information.

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Free Hong Kong Home Contents Insurance Quotes

If you would like to receive a free quote for a Hong Kong Home Contents Insurance policy from CCW simply complete this short form. Once you have completed your quotation request an expert Hong Kong Insurance Broker will contact you with a detailed comparison which will enable you to quickly compare all the leading coverage options best suited to meet your specific requirements.

For more information about the Home Contents insurance quotes and comparisons provided by CCW please click Our Home Contents Quotes.

You can also learn more about Home Contents, Fire, and additional insurance lines in Hong Kong offered by CCW by contacting us today!

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