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Hong Kong Outpatient Health Insurance Plans

Hong Kong outpatient health insurance plans are designed to protect you against the costs of medical treatment where an overnight stay in a hospital is not medically necessary.

Outpatient health insurance coverage in Hong Kong is usually purchased as an addition to an Inpatient Medical Insurance policy. This means that, in order to obtain an outpatient coverage benefit, your Hong Kong health insurance plan must already include inpatient protection.

Outpatient protection in Hong Kong may not be suitable for everyone, especially considering the relatively low costs associated with visiting your local General Practitioner and Family Practitioner. However, families with children may get real use out of such coverage as it can make those every day check-ups and doctor’s visits relatively painless, especially if the plan includes a direct settlement network

While the costs of outpatient treatment will be much lower than those of inpatient care, you will normally receive more outpatient treatment over the course of any given year, and the total expense can quickly add up. If you are concerned about routine healthcare services, and would like to access higher cost GPs and FPs, then you should consider including outpatient coverage under your Hong Kong health insurance policy.

Hong Kong Outpatient Insurance Coverage

Outpatient coverage benefits are designed to make your day-to-day healthcare experiences easy, simplifying the process of going to the doctor when you need to and ensuring that you don’t have to worry about the bill when you get sick.

Although the coverage offered through an Outpatient insurance benefit in Hong Kong will vary depending on which insurance company you choose to purchase a plan from, coverage can normally include protection from the costs associated with:

In addition to the coverage on offer with the Outpatient insurance benefits provided by CCW, many of these plans will include extensive direct settlement networks. This means that, with selected healthcare providers, you will only need to present your policy details when receiving treatment and the insurance company will arrange payment directly with the clinic – leaving you free of worry about the cost of your care.

For more information about direct settlement networks in Hong Kong please click Hong Kong Health Insurance claims

Thinking about Your Outpatient Coverage

Outpatient coverage with a Hong Kong health insurance plan can be an extremely useful policy benefit. However, when considering the purchase of a Hong Kong outpatient medical insurance policy it is important to think about a number of additional aspects of your policy:

Additional Coverage Benefits

There are a number of additional coverage benefits which can be added to your Hong Kong health insurance plan which will complement your Outpatient protection. If you are obtaining your outpatient coverage because you have small children, will you be expanding your family? If you are planning on having more children then adding a Maternity Coverage Benefit to your plan could be very useful. Additionally, coverage for Emergency Evacuation, Dental Treatment, and Alternative Therapies can help you to get far more use out of your Hong Kong medical insurance policy.

Areas of Coverage

CCW can provide Hong Kong outpatient insurance policies which will offer comprehensive both in Hong Kong and around the world. Choosing a specific coverage area under your Hong Kong health insurance plan can have significant benefits, such as a reduction in your overall plan premium. While many of the policies we work with have international coverage included as standard, there are a number of options for you to choose from with regards to your plan’s coverage are. Please click Hong Kong Health Insurance Coverage Areas for more information.

Free Outpatient Insurance Quotes in Hong Kong

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