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Hong Kong Inpatient Health Insurance Plans

CCW Global Insurance Brokers offers a range of Hong Kong health insurance plans which provide comprehensive inpatient coverage.

Inpatient coverage will normally form the core of any medical insurance policy in Hong Kong, and you will typically have to purchase this type of protection in order to access more extensive Hong Kong Health Insurance Coverage Benefits.

A Hong Kong medical insurance plan which includes an inpatient coverage benefit will protect you against the costs of receiving healthcare treatment where an overnight stay in a hospital is a medical necessity.

Going to a private hospital in Hong Kong can be extremely expensive. In fact, Hong Kong is the second most expensive place in the world to receive private healthcare, after the USA. This means that any medical condition requiring extensive hospitalization can be very costly – to such an extent that many people will be unable to bear the burden of the costs associated with inpatient treatment out-of-pocket.

While major medical emergencies and conditions which require inpatient medical care do not happen often, the chances that you will require intensive overnight care at a hospital increase as you age and a single round of serious inpatient treatment can be more expensive than all the doctor’s bills you have ever paid in your entire life.

Inpatient Health Insurance Coverage in Hong Kong

Because inpatient health insurance is designed specifically to protect you against the costs associated with treatment which requires an overnight stay at a hospital, the coverage it offers will be limited to major medical issues.

A Hong Kong Inpatient health insurance plan will normally provide protection against the costs of:

  • Private or Semi-Private Hospital Room
  • Inpatient Medications including Anaesthetics
  • Intensive Care Facilities and Nursing Charges
  • Diagnostic testing, including X-Rays, CAT Scans, PET Scans, and MRIs
  • Local Ambulance Transport
  • Surgical Room Rentals, Surgical Procedures, and Surgeon Charges

It is important to note that CCW is able to provide inpatient health insurance options from a wide range of Hong Kong and International Insurance providers. Consequently, the specific coverage on offer under an inpatient health insurance benefit in Hong Kong will vary dependent on the insurer you choose to work with.

CCW chooses only to provide Hong Kong inpatient health insurance plans which provide significantly high Coverage Limits ensuring that you are comprehensively protected against the costs of your care in the event that you require overnight treatment at a Hong Kong hospital.

Thinking about your Hong Kong Inpatient Insurance Plan

When considering the purchase of an inpatient medical insurance policy in Hong Kong, there are a number of other aspects of the plan which it is important to think about prior to purchasing a policy.

Inpatient Insurance Deductibles

Choosing to include a deductible on your Hong Kong inpatient insurance coverage can mean a significant reduction in your overall policy premium. CCW offers inpatient-only health insurance plans with a very high deductible which are typically designed to be used in the event of a catastrophic medical emergency – these plans are normally known as Catastrophe Policies.

While the high deductible means that they will not normally be suitable for everyday healthcare, the coverage is in place in the event of a significant medical emergency without an extremely high premium.

To read more about deductibles and excess on your Hong Kong health insurance policy please click health insurance deductibles

Inpatient Insurance Coverage Areas

Hong Kong health insurance policies from CCW can allow you to select exactly where in the world you would like to receive protection under the plan. Whether you would like to only have your coverage in Hong Kong, or you want a policy which provides Global protection, we can provide a range of options for your needs.

To learn more about the coverage areas on offer through a Hong Kong inpatient medical insurance plan please click Health Insurance Coverage Areas

Additional Health Insurance Coverage Benefits

Inpatient health insurance is fairly limited in its scope, only providing protection against medical treatment which requires an overnight stay in a hospital. If you would like to receive additional coverage benefits under your plan, CCW can provide options for Outpatient, Dental, and even Emergency Evacuation Coverage.

Choosing to add additional coverage benefits to your Hong Kong medical insurance policy can give you more protection against healthcare threats than simple hospitalization coverage.

For a full list of coverage options and benefits please click Hong Kong Health Insurance Coverage Options.

Free Hong Kong Inpatient Health Insurance Quotes

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