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Hong Kong Health Insurance Coverage options and Benefits

Hong Kong Health Insurance plans can provide you with an extensive range of comprehensive coverage options, ensuring that you are protected against the costs of healthcare in relation to almost any medical situation. However, with the myriad of options on offer it can be a challenge to understand which Hong Kong health insurance coverage benefits are right for your specific needs.

The expert Hong Kong Insurance Brokers at CCW Global will work with you to identify the perfect set of coverage benefits for your requirements, and can help to customize a Hong Kong health insurance plan specifically for you.

Hong Kong health insurance plans from CCW are normally Guaranteed Renewable for Life, will provide Worldwide Protection and Global Portability, and will allow Freedom of Choice as to where you receive your medical treatment.

Types of Hong Kong Health Insurance Coverage

When you request a Free Hong Kong Health Insurance quote comparison from CCW our expert advisors will work with you to identify you long term healthcare needs and objectives. Whether you are planning on staying in Hong Kong for the foreseeable future or if you are planning to return to your home nation, if you are considering having children or would like options which don’t include maternity, we will work to understand your specific needs and provide coverage options which fit within those requirements.

However, when considering the purchase of a HK medical insurance plan, it is important that you have a general understanding of the types of protection on offer. Common coverage benefits which can usually be included on Hong Kong health insurance plans from CCW include:

If you would like to learn more about any of the above coverage benefits please click on the links. CCW would like to note that we are constantly adding International and Hong Kong Insurance providers to our product portfolio, and consequently all of the different types of coverage we offer may not appear on this page.

If there is a specific type of health insurance coverage in Hong Kong which you would like to purchase, but cannot find the benefit listed on this website, please Contact Us and our expert Hong Kong insurance brokers will help to find a Hong Kong medical insurance plan which includes that protection.

Important Considerations for Hong Kong Health Insurance

Outside of the coverage available under a Hong Kong health insurance policy there are a number of aspects of a plan which it is important for you to understand. Core areas of a Hong Kong medical insurance plan which can often create confusion include:

The links for the topics listed above are all key areas which can have a major influence on your Hong Kong health insurance plan. As such CCW highly recommends that any individuals or groups looking for comprehensive medical insurance in Hong Kong take the time to study the information contained on those pages.

Hong Kong Health Insurance Definitions and Questions

Are you still having problems coming to a complete understanding of your Hong Kong health insurance policy?


We have compiled a comprehensive list of definitions for terms which you will commonly find on your Hong Kong medical insurance documents. From understanding who a proposer is, to what common plan exclusions will be, our Hong Kong health insurance definitions can help you to make a more informed decision about the type of coverage which is right for you.

We also answer a range of questions from our customers about Hong Kong health insurance plans.


Whether you want a clearer understanding about the various maternity waiting periods associated with medical insurance in Hong Kong, or if you would like more information about how premiums on community rated plans are calculated, please ask us a question by clicking the above link.

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