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Hong Kong Business Insurance Plans

From Small and Medium Sized Enterprises to Multinational Corporations, CCW Global Insurance Brokers can provide a range of Hong Kong Business Insurance policies which offer flexible coverage for your specific needs.

Whether you require protection against Business Interruption or are in need of Public Liability coverage for a new building project, our comprehensive range of Business insurance plans in Hong Kong will provide the complete protection you require. Furthermore, CCW can help to manage and administer all your Business insurance policies, so that your company only needs to remember a single set of contact details.

Insurance plans for Businesses in Hong Kong from CCW can include coverage for:

Hong Kong Employee's Compensation InsuranceEmployee Compensation Insurance Hong Kong

According to Hong Kong law any employer in the city, including businesses and households, must possess an Employee Compensation (EC) Insurance policy to cover the liability of the employee injuring themselves while at their job. An Employee’s Compensation Insurance plan must be taken irrespective of the employee’s working hours or job type meaning that both full time and part time employees of an organization must be covered under the company’s EC policy.

Simply put, should an individual employed by your business suffer an accident or injury, or develop an occupational disease, during the course of their work then the insurance can provide weekly payments in place of the employees wage, compensation for both past and future economic losses, reimbursement of medical expenses, and even death benefits to the worker’s dependents.

The specifics of the Employees Compensation Insurance coverage will generally vary dependant on the insurance company which you choose to work with. However, it is important to note that this type of insurance plan is mandatory for the coverage of all workers in Hong Kong, even domestic helpers.

Please click Hong Kong Employee Compensation Insurance for more information.

Public Liability Insurance in Hong Kong

A Public Liability Insurance policy is one which is designed to protect third parties against activities and/or processes which may have the potential to affect them. The range of risk covered by a public liability insurance policy in Hong Kong can be extremely diverse. For example, if your shop has an outdoor neon sign, then you may consider taking a public liability policy to protect against the risk of the sign falling down and injuring a passer-by.

If you are in the manufacturing sector then your factory might consider taking out a Public Liability Insurance plan to cover against the risk of environmental pollution/damage or the risk of your goods causing injury to a consumer.

The types of risk which can be covered under a Public Liability insurance policy in Hong Kong are extremely diverse, and any company which routinely interacts with the general public (including having members of the public walk past a physical store front) should strongly consider the purchase of such coverage.

Office Contents Insurance in Hong Kong

Please click Public Liability Insurance in Hong Kong for more information.

Hong Kong Business Insurance Packages

Business Insurance Packages in Hong Kong are able to provide an extensive range of protection under a single, easy-to-use insurance policy. Providing coverage for many of the business insurance products illustrated on this page, a Business Insurance package in Hong Kong can also include Public Liability Insurance and Employee Compensation Insurance coverage to give your company the most comprehensive protection possible.

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Additional Business Insurance Products

Additional Business Insurance products offered by CCW Global in Hong Kong include options for:

If there is a type of Hong Kong Business insurance which you would like to obtain, but cannot see it listed on this page please Contact Us to speak to an advisor. In many cases we can find customizable solutions to meet a range of diverse business risk management needs.

Business Insurance Solutions in Hong KongDedicated International Business Insurance Services

CCW Global is a specialist broker of bespoke insurance products to businesses and companies around the world. Our many years of experience within the Hong Kong Insurance market mean that we can provide the in-depth advice and support that is available nowhere else.

If you would like more information about the extensive insurance options we can provide to business in Hong Kong and around the world please visit our dedicated corporate website:

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Once you have submitted your request for a quotation an expert CCW Hong Kong Insurance Broker will then contact you with a comprehensive comparison of all the leading Business Insurance options in Hong Kong best suited to your company’s specific requirements.

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