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World Cup Event Insurance – Cancellation to Signal Interruption

Published on: 12 June 2014 by Michael Lamb

With the FIFA World Cup set to kick off tomorrow, the eyes of football fans across the planet will be firmly fixed on Brazil. Despite the time difference, and the fact that the opening game will be starting at 0400 Hong Kong time on Friday June 13, local sports enthusiasts will join their brethren around the world in watching one of the biggest sporting events on earth.Brazil Word Cup Event Insurance

While the time difference between Hong Kong and Brazil means that it may be a challenge for many local football fans to catch the games live unless they’re willing to sacrifice sleep, and the issue of actually watching the games at all is compounded by the fact that TVB is playing many of the knockout games via it’s TVB Pay Vision platform, which is an additional package fans can subscribe to on NOW TV.

Because of these barriers, Bars, Malls, and even the Hong Kong Football Association, will be hosting many delayed viewing events to enable fans to watch the games at more reasonable times – often in the evening after work.

While it may prove to be a challenge to keep the results of the matches a surprise until you can get to the viewing (Game of Thrones has proven that spoilers are quite literally everywhere on the internet these days) the many World Cup Events happening during the evening over the course of the next month are sure to be a huge draw for crowds of eager Hongkongers, not to mention a lucrative business opportunity for event organizers around town.

However, no matter how well prepared, or how good the intentions may be, the potential for something to go wrong at events of this type always looms large. Whether the TV company fails to install the required connectivity in time for your bar to show the game, or if a Black Rainstorm warning washes out a paid VIP private viewing event forcing tickets to be refunded, a number of potential pitfalls and problems could strike at any moment – especially the biggest worry for anyone watching the World Cup; Satellite Signal Interruption.

Hong Kong Signal Interruption Insurance for the World Cup

Signal Interruption Insurance coverage is available as a part of specialist Event Insurance offerings, and is designed to ensure that a satellite or transmission problem (such as a failure or glitch) doesn’t impact the revenues of an event organizer.

 As the coverage is available for any live or one-time event, whether on a terrestrial TV broadcast, Cable, Pay-Per-View, or even Internet Stream, a policy of this type can be especially useful for event organizers arranging viewings of FIFA World Cup 2014 matches who want to ensure that they are not exposed to financial losses in the event that the signal goes out on their screen(s).

Hong Kong World Cup Event Insurance

A Final Example

No matter what your national identity, all football fans will agree that the biggest match of the FIFA World Cup is always the final. Social Clubs, Sports Teams, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Bars, and even Businesses will all be organizing various viewing events for the Finals of this year’s world cup – some of which can cost HK$ 1,000 or more to attend per person.

Obviously the focus point of a viewing for the Finals will be actually watching the game, and no matter how good the food, drink and company may be, if a problem develops with showing the game due to a bad signal, then the attendees who have paid for a ticket to go to the Final game viewing will likely be extremely upset!

An Event Insurance policy which includes Signal Interruption coverage can ensure that the organizer does not have to carry the costs of ticket refunds in the event that the transmission of the match fails, up to a limit of US$ 100 million. While events can be covered for cancellation, forced loss of audience, public liability, and a range of other risks, the specific problem of loss of transmission or interruption of the broadcasting signal often goes overlooked.

As there were signal problems in South Africa in 2010, where the infrastructure was in place (due to Rugby broadcasting) to televise the games yet the signal was still interrupted, it is likely that there may be at least a few incidents of this sort in Brazil – especially as there are an increasing number of issues being highlighted in relation to the country’s readiness for the tournament.World Cup Event Insurance Signal

Comprehensive World Cup Event Insurance

Whether you’re concerned about the possibility of signal and transmission interruption, or you want to take steps to cover yourself against a Typhoon or Black Rainstorm forcing the cancellation of a FIFA World Cup viewing event, there are a range of insurance options available in Hong Kong which can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

On top of Signal Interruption, coverage available under a Football World Cup Event Insurance plan can include protection for:

Additional coverage is also available which can ensure that organizers are protected against losses which stem from boisterous guests, or even acts of theft which could place a damper on the proceedings. Additional coverage benefits which can be provided to World Cup events in Hong Kong can include:

So no matter whether your guests let the beer (and the emotion) get to their heads, or whether the early starting time has helped sleepy staff to make mistakes with the setup, there are a wide array of options available to event organizers planning activities around the 2014 FIFA worldcup in Hong Kong.

Free World Cup Event Insurance Quotes

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Author: Michael Lamb

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