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Forced Loss of Audience Event Insurance

CCW Global can provide Forced Loss of Audience benefits on our Event Insurance plans.

If your audience cannot make it to your event, even if that reason is beyond your control as an organizer, then it is likely that there will be a demand for compensation. Because of that, a forced loss of audience coverage benefit is often a good idea, even if the organizer has opted to include Cancellation Insurance and/or Inclement Weather Coverage.

Force Loss Of Audience Coverage

If you opt to include this coverage benefit on your event insurance policy then you are protected against all losses of your audience should they be unable to get to your event’s venue if the cause of the accessibility issues is outside of the organizer’s control.

Causes of Audience loss normally covered under this type of policy benefit include:

  • Demonstrations impeding access
  • Strikes impeding access
  • Public Transport or Air Transport Strikes
  • Inaccessibility from bad weather or natural disasters
  • Breakdowns or closings of the reservation system for more than 72 hours
  • Periods of national mourning.

If any of these circumstances prevent a substantial number of important visitors, guests, participants, or audience, and this results in a loss of the takings expected to be made for the event or results in mandatory reimbursement of the event’s sponsors, investors or financers, then you are able to receive compensation against your losses.

If you declared your profit margin to be covered by the event insurance plan then you will be covered for the full cost of the audience’s lost ticket price. If you do not declare your profit margin to be covered under the event insurance policy then you will be covered for the cost of the audience’s lost ticket price, minus your profit per ticket.

Why Obtain Forced Loss of Audience?

Forced Loss of Audience coverage can be especially critical in Hong Kong and Macau, where residents of the two cities will routinely travel by ferry to the other city for an event.

Should, for example, a Typhoon force the stoppage of the ferry service which results in your audience’s inability to get to the event, then a Forced Loss of Audience coverage benefit will ensure that you are able to receive reimbursement for this situation.

Free Event Insurance Quotes

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