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Renewing a Hong Kong Health Insurance Plan

Hong Kong Health Insurance plans from CCW Global are normally Guaranteed Renewable for Life. This means that you are typically able to renew your coverage as long as you wish to do so, for the entirety of your existence. Because of this you never have to worry about getting kicked off your policy because you have reached a certain age, or because you are suffering from a serious medical condition – as long as you want it, your coverage will be offered to you.

To Renew or Not to Renew, it’s your choice.

What is a Renewal of a Hong Kong Health Insurance plan?

Hong Kong health insurance plans from CCW are normally annual policies, lasting for 12 months at a time. This means that your policy will protect you for an entire year.

When the years’ worth of coverage is over you will then be afforded the option to renew the plan, taking out an addition 12 months of protection under the policy. Approximately 1 month before the expiry, or renewal date, CCW will send you a letter outlining the details of your renewal – giving you plenty of advanced warning to prepare your finances, or look for alternative Hong Kong health insurance coverage options if you are not satisfied with your current policy.

A Renewal is a New Contract

It is important to understand that you will never be forced to renew you Hong Kong health insurance plan. You have the option to do so, but there is no rule in place stating that you must renew your coverage.

If you are unhappy with the service you have received from the insurer, you are concerned about a premium increase, or even if you would like to receive additional coverage benefits, CCW will help you to look for alternative HK medical insurance options.

However, if you do decide to renew your policy it should be noted that the renewal is a separate insurance contract from the initial policy application and will supersede the previous terms and conditions of the coverage. Although, as a new contract you do have the option to request changes or more favourable terms for the coverage; the acceptance of which will be dependent on both you and the insurance company agreeing to those terms.

Despite the renewal being a new contract, if you elect to continue your coverage with the same company and policy any medical conditions which you have developed in the previous year will not be under-written as they would on a new policy application. As long as you have had coverage and are renewing that protection then medical conditions will not be pre-existing and will be covered up to the plan limits by the HK medical insurance policy.

CCW will provide extensive support with your Hong Kong health insurance renewal and will help you to communicate your needs effectively with the insurer in the event that you require any changes to the terms and conditions of your plan. Please be advised that not all change requests will be honoured and that the decision to include your request for change of terms will ultimately be the insurance provider’s.

Renewal Advice and Free Health Insurance Quotes

If you would like advice on your Hong Kong health insurance renewal, or clarification about any of the new terms and conditions on your policy please Contact Us Today. Our expert advisors are ready to assist in answering any questions you may have.

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