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Individual Hong Kong Health Insurance Plans

CCW Global has extensive experience in providing high quality individual health insurance options to residents of Hong Kong.

With an array of options available for your Hong Kong medical insurance coverage, CCW can offer you a range of choices which include both domestic and international policies. In many cases it may even be possible to customize your policy to meet your specific requirements, giving you the assurance that your Health Insurance policy in Hong Kong will provide you with exactly the levels of coverage you need.

As public healthcare services in HKSAR become ever more constricted through an ageing population and heightened levels of Mainland immigration, it is important to ensure that you are able to access the quality medical care you deserve when you need it. A Hong Kong health insurance plan from CCW is the perfect way to do this, both in Hong Kong and around the world.

Individual Health Insurance Coverage in Hong Kong

CCW offers health insurance plans in Hong Kong which are generally Guaranteed Renewable for Life, will often provide Global Portability and Worldwide Cover, and will normally afford you Freedom to Choose Where you Receive medical treatment.

Our individual Hong Kong health insurance plans will ensure that you have the highest levels of medical protection no matter where you go in the world, and these policies can usually be customized to meet your specific needs. Coverage which we can add to an individual medical insurance plan in Hong Kong may include:

These are just a selection of some of the most popular coverage benefits available under an Individual Hong Kong Health Insurance plan from CCW. For a more comprehensive list of the benefit options which are available to you please click Hong Kong Health Insurance Coverage.

Individual Hong Kong Health Insurance Premiums

CCW Global works with health insurance plans which normally calculate premiums on a community basis.

This means that your claims will not impact your premium.

Having a Hong Kong medical insurance plan which penalizes you for being sick by increasing the cost of your plan is less than ideal, and the increases of an experience rated policy can often be extremely hard to understand.

Hong Kong and International Health Insurance plans from CCW will generally not increase their premiums because you have made a claim under the policy. Your premiums will normally only go up as you age and as global medical costs get more expensive. This allows you to forecast premium increases well in advance of renewing your plan and enables you to budget appropriately.

For more information about the premiums under Hong Kong and Global health insurance policies, please click Hong Kong Health Insurance Premiums.

Free Individual Hong Kong Health Insurance Quotes

If you would like to receive a free quote for an individual Hong Kong health insurance plan please complete the short form at the top of this page. Once you have submitted your request our advisors will create a unqiue comparison of the options best suited to meet your specific needs and contact you directly.

You can read more about CCW’s Hong Kong health insurance quotes by clicking Our Hong Kong Health Insurance Quotes.

You can also Contact Us and speak to a Hong Kong Insurance Broker today to learn more about individual health insurance and coverage options in Hong Kong.


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