Weather Cancellation Insurance

CCW Global provides events held indoors with cancellation coverage that includes weather protection as part of our standard event insurance package. However, for events being held outdoors a separate coverage benefit must be purchased before the organizer is covered for the losses associated with cancellation following inclement weather conditions.

The coverage benefit which offers this protection to outdoor events is known as an Inclement Weather Cancellation benefit, and is available as an addition purchase on all event insurance policies for outdoor events.

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Weather Cancellation Coverage

Under an inclement weather cancellation benefit you are reimbursed for the net loss you suffer due to a cancellation or total postponement of your event because of extreme weather conditions.

Extreme weather conditions covered under this type of event insurance policy benefit can include:

  • Storms, such as Typhoons, Cyclones, and Hurricanes
  • Flooding
  • Severe Snow and Blizzards
  • Hail Impacts
  • Torrential Rain, such as a Black Rainstorm Warning
  • Natural Disasters

Should your event suffer because of weather conditions then you will be reimbursed for all expenses already made for the event, expenses which you may incur to restore the venue to its normal state, and the return of entrusted goods and rented equipment.

Coverage Conditions

Weather Cancellation Coverage Conditions

In order to purchase inclement weather cancellation coverage on your event insurance policy you must first meet a number of pre-determined conditions:

  • Your event is held outdoors.
  • Your event involves the use of a stage protected by a roof.
  • All electrical and electronic equipment, such as lighting and sound equipment, must be protected against all types of rain.
  • All electrical and electronic equipment, such as lighting and sound equipment, must be raised at least 30cm above the ground.
  • All electrical and electronic equipment, such as lighting and sound equipment, must be rated for operation outdoors with usual humidity factors.

If you meet these conditions then you may opt to include inclement weather cancellation cover on your event insurance policy.


Free Weather Cancellation Insurance Quotes

If you would like to receive a free quotation for an event insurance policy which includes coverage for cancellation following inclement weather conditions please complete the short form at the top of this page. Once you have submitted your quotation request an expert CCW Global Event Insurance broker will contact you directly to further discuss your coverage requirements.

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