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Hong Kong and International Health Insurance for Students

CCW Global specializes in providing comprehensive health insurance solutions for students receiving secondary and tertiary education in Hong Kong, as well as offering extensive international health insurance solutions for students attending schools and universities worldwide.

From short term overseas study tours through to year-long student exchange programs anywhere in the world, Student Health Insurance plans from CCW Global are able to provide students across the globe with high levels of medical protection as, and when they need it.

Annual Student Health Insurance Plans

Annual Student Health and Medical Insurance plans are able to afford students of all ages with flexible and extensive medical protection on a worldwide basis.

If your child is attending university in the USA, or if they will be going to boarding school in the United Kingdom, an annual international student health insurance policy will ensure that they are protected against the costs of their healthcare no matter what.

International Student health insurance policies are able to provide a wide range of healthcare protection, including extensive coverage benefits for:

The flexible nature of the annual student health insurance options provided by CCW Global mean that your child is able to access the highest standards of healthcare worldwide, both at school and during holiday periods.

With the modular nature of many of these plans you are able to ensure that your child is protected against the risks that concern you, while meeting the required coverage limits placed on insurance coverage for foreign nationals by leading educational institutions worldwide.

Short Term Student Travel Insurance Options

In addition to annual health insurance coverage for students, CCW Global is able to provide extensive short term insurance solutions for students embarking on short exchange programs, overseas study tours, internships, youth volunteer service programs, and service trips around the world.

Designed for Hong Kong residents between the ages of 8 and 32 years old, these short term student insurance plans are able to provide over HK$1,000,000 in medical coverage with no daily maximum limits.

Additionally, due to the bespoke nature of the short-term student insurance products offered by CCW, these plans are able to provide a wide range of activity coverage including activities that would normally be excluded by many standard travel insurance plans! Amateur sports including Bungee Jumping, Scuba Diving (with no restrictions on height or depth), Snow and Water Skiing, are all covered under the short term student health insurance options provided by CCW Global – allowing students to make the most of their trips abroad.

Furthermore, these plans allow for the coverage of infectious diseases (such as MERS, Avian Flu, and SARs), and will even offer a quarantine cash benefit to any students who may be diagnosed with an infectious disease while overseas.

Perfect for trips lasting a maximum of 120 days in duration, a short term student travel insurance plan can be a cost effective way to obtain quality coverage benefits without breaking the bank on an annual health insurance solution.

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